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Connecting machines: CMM shows the way.

On 1 and 2 December 2020, CMM (Connected portable Machines and Mobility) will discuss machine communications and their efficiency as well as augmented reality among other
things at the Convention Center on the Hannover Exhibition  Grounds.The global gathering/presentation will convey data  on the sort of parts and communication frameworks expected to create mobile machines and vehicles.

CMM 2020 is the successor event to the 5G CMM Expo, which happened in October 2019. In the range of 100 introductions, panels, meetings and pitches, and exhibition segment, CMM will talk about and present the advances that make mobile machines and vehicles smart as well as self-sufficient. The focal point will be on wirelessly connecting them, and incorporating them into stationary infrastructures. Subject matters comprise of automation, production control, security, artificial intelligence, 5G, video surveillance and embedded systems.

For Deutsche Messe, the coordinator of CMM, the subject of connected mobility assumes a distinguished job. The Hannover-based company is as of now building one of  the world’s greatest private 5G frameworks, in this way building up its 100-hectare presentation site (1 million square meters) into an exceptionally innovative multifunctional area that will be accessible 365 days every year as a test site for 5G continuous use cases.

CMM is focused on specialized and corporate chiefs, designers, and scientists from different areas of industry – car, aviation,  automotive, aerospace, shipping and logistics, through mechanical engineering and the construction of mobile systems to agriculture, health care, retailing and utilities.

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To know more about Connected mobile Machines & Mobility, visit www.cmm-expo.com or contact Ms. Jillian Sitchon of ECCP at jillian.sitchon@eccp.com.