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Discover General Anaesthesiology, Neuroanaesthesiology, and other learning tracks at Euroanaesthesia!


Join us, your colleagues, and experts in the field in Munich or from the comfort of your own home this 17-19 December and see what Euroanaesthesia has to offer.

Check out our spotlights on our Critical care and Airway management learning tracks, taking place at Euroanaesthesia 2021.


Learning Track 1
General Anaesthesiology

Haemodynamic optimisation during surgery is an ongoing discussion.
Learn more about it by attending our symposium on “Haemodynamic optimisation: from macro- to microcirculation”.

About this session:

Despite prior findings and studies, there are new aspects of haemodynamic optimisation that deserve attention. 
This symposium highlights topics of great interest for both clinicians and researchers.

What are the physiologic rationale and targets of macrocirculation optimisation? 
Are we ready to go to the next level and use optimisation of microcirculation in the OR?
What is the place of cerebral oximetry during anaesthesia?
Let’s find out the answers during this session! Join us! 

Want to hear more about General Anaesthesia?
Check out the full learning track programme.

Learning Track 6
Neuroanaesthesiology: the Brain

The edition of Euroanaesthesia 2021 will go deep inside the brain. 
Make sure you follow the Neuroanaesthesiology sessions on “States of consciousness during anaesthesia: what do we miss?” and “Brain: the target organ of anaesthesia”.

About this session:

Want to know more about the effects of anaesthesia on the brain?
See what is easily and frequently missed when anaesthetising patients?
Learn how to deal with unexpected awareness with or without subsequent recall?
Join us and find out.

Want to hear more about Neuroanaesthesiology?
Check out the full learning track programme.

Find more information about Euroanaesthesia at www.euroanaesthesia2021.org.

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