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How Sport Strengthens the Community

Dear ISPO community,

did you know that a few days ago, after 127 years, the IOC changed the Olympic motto? It is now “Citius, altius, fortius—communiter”—so no longer just “faster, higher, stronger”, but “faster, higher, stronger—together”. This links quite well with our editorial letter which is all about togetherness and community. For instance, we shed light on the consequences of Covid on sports clubs and we commemorate legendary dream teams.

In our “Find the Balance” section we take a look at the Olympic community and ask the question: “How much freedom of speech is actually allowed?”

We wish you a good start into the upcoming Olympic weeks

Claudia and the ISPO editorial team

BLM, LGBTQ and the Like

BLM, LGBTQ and the Like: How much opinion is actually allowed at the Olympics?

Whether it’s Black Lives Matter, LQBTQ rights, or national politics: Taking a stance and using their own reach is popular among athletes. But what works on social media was previously forbidden at the Olympics: Politics in the stadium? No thanks! Anyone who did it anyway had to go. But 2021 will be different. The IOC has changed the rules and introduced a touch of modernity to the Games. We take a look behind the scenes of the new Olympics agenda and clarify: Is it just a shabby compromise or real freedom of speech for the athletes?

Number of the Month

This means that for the first time ever, gender equality will—almost—be reached at the Olympic Games. A novelty for this sporting event. In comparison: In 1900 only 2.2 percent of athletes were female. We are excited about this change and celebrate by showing you the strongest and coolest women who will be competing together in Tokyo this year. 

Sports Clubs

How Covid Affected the Community Spirit: The Importance of Sports Clubs for Society

Training together with friends, hugging teammates, and discovering new sports as part of a team: Covid has hit hard sports clubs and their core, the people. Suddenly there was nothing left of the community in the sports halls. A bitter blow—for both the members and the clubs. Because doing sports together is more than just a boon, it strengthens our society. We look at the importance of sports clubs and explain the effects of a global pandemic on our favorite place: the club. 

Team Spirit

United for Eternity: 7 Teams which Made History with their Team Spirit

Whether it’s in the stadium or on TV, some teams just give us goosebumps: Teams whose spirit helps them achieve their goals. Teams who will be remembered for their likability, fairness, and exceptional performance. Through team spirit, outsiders become top teams and individualists become dream teams. We introduce you to seven teams that have made sports history. 

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