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Hyve Fashion Takeover with the Trend Atelier Community

We are redefining the cultural and material purpose of fashion, have been for years, but the notion of systems change has now reached mainstream consciousness. In 2021 the theme in the Trend Atelier Community I founded is “The Biggest Innovation is Philosophical”. We cannot truly implement sustainable and regenerative change in the style and creative industry if we don’t press the reset button on how we approach our notions of efficiency and social contracts.

There are limits to innovation, and those are set within our own culture, not within technological boundaries. We must re-write philosophies currently ill equipped to tackle climate change, bio technology, overpopulation and artificial intelligence. This is a time of deep questioning of our planetary accountability and I invite you to step into exploring what this means. Behind the discomfort of the unknown lays the greatest opportunities to not only shape the future, but be in the reality of the present.

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Rewriting our philosophies with Geraldine Wharry

We have been using the same philosophies for thousands of years but today, with so much change we need new ways of navigating society and our resources.

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Insights from the Trend Atelier community

We believe future forecasting is a gateway to critical decision making for the greater good of the people and the planet. Discover our thoughts on the future of fashion.

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Breaking binaries with Caitlin Monahan

Before we move forward, we must unlearn, unpack and rewire. As we rewrite our philosophy, we must adopt a fluid world view to pave the way for real change.

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Join the Trend Atelier courses and Community

Be part of an inspiring and meaningful community and get exclusive access to future trend forecasts, webinars, training, key resources and more.

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