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Enthusiastically received by exhibitors and visitors alike

Innovative, future-driven and trendy – that sums up the run of the micromobility expo which premiered in Hannover, Germany, from 2 to 4 May 2019. Over the course of three action-packed days, the new fair for electric micro-vehicles wrapped up on Saturday.

After-show Report

Innovative, future-driven and trendy – that sums up the run of the micromobility expo which premiered in Hannover, Germany, from 2 to 4 May 2019. Over the course of three action-packed days, the new fair for electric micro-vehicles wrapped up on Saturday. This innovative event was launched by Deutsche Messe in the interest of promoting urban micromobility and showcasing adaptable, environmentally friendly solutions revolving around electric lightweight and micro-vehicles. Over three dozen exhibiting firms showcased their pedelecs and electric skateboards, scooters, cargo bikes, scooters, motorcycles and microcars – vehicles which are all set to change the future of urban transportation. 3,000 visitors made their way to the show for a close look at the latest urban trends. “This response exceeded our expectations. The debut of the micromobility expo was a success,” remarked Dr. Andreas Gruchow, member of the Deutsche Messe Managing Board, at the close of the fair. “The combination of exposition, forum and test tracks has borne fruit. The upbeat mood in the pavilions, the strong interest in the specialist presentations and the large crowds on the two test tracks have all underscored the need for this type of event. We will continue to develop the event format, adding new focal points to respond to the growing market and expanding the rate of international participation,” he said.

Electric micro-vehicles will soon be a part of the urban landscape in Germany. “The thematic thrust and timing of the micromobility expo came at exactly the right moment, given the current political and social debate on the future of mobility – particularly with regard to metropolitan areas. Small electric vehicles should not only be seen as a replacement for conventional cars with internal combustion engines, but also as a complement to local mass transit. The combination of mass transit and micromobiles will provide an attractive alternative to cars and help reduce urban car traffic,” explained Gruchow.

The first two days of the micromobility expo were reserved for specialists. On the third day (Saturday), the gates were also opened to consumers keen on taking advantage of an activity-rich program. In the three pavilions under the EXPO canopy, exhibitors provided insight into the future of mobility, featuring a variety of electric lightweight and micro-vehicles – from pedelecs and electric skateboards to bicycles, cargo bikes, scooters, motorcycles and electric microcars. Solutions for battery charging and transport infrastructures, parking and garage systems, ICT infrastructures, intermodal mobility concepts and sharing systems were also highlighted.

Visitors were also able to try out the microcars for themselves – on two test tracks on the open-air site, with some 100 vehicles available there for testing. The tracks developed into visitor magnets, including first-time users of micromobiles. They were enthusiastic about the range and performance of the mini-vehicles, for which they were able to quickly get up and running after a bit of practice.

Strong interest in conferences and forums

The three-day conference program was also a central networking hub for knowledge transfer and networking. For trade visitors in particular, the program of talks and presentations was at the top of the agenda. The discussions about the redistribution of available traffic space, legal issues and the intelligent connectivity of different means of transportation drew a full house of listeners. One of the highlights at the specialist forum consisted of a panel discussion on the topic “Is Germany Missing the Boat on the Micromobility Trend?”, in which members of municipal councils who drive electric cars themselves discussed ways of creating better framework conditions for electric mobility.

“A new type of cultural change is emerging in mobility. The car as a status symbol is waning in importance. It is now time to discuss and implement intelligent solutions to get from A to B as quickly and easily as possible. To make this happen, we need a large variety of micromobiles such as those shown here,” stated Sabine Flores, Managing Director of Municipalities in the Hannover Braunschweig Göttingen Wolfsburg Metropolitan Region. “The micromobility expo is the ideal networking platform for specialists and an ideal way to educate people and introduce them to the ‘new mobility’.”

The annual E.drivers.only meeting of active electric motorists from across northern Germany offered micromobility expo attendees lots of practical tips on the ins and outs of eDriving. Parallel to the meeting, electric mobilists like Rafael de Mestre – the Spanish electric mobility pioneer who drove around the world in an electric car in 80 days – reported on their exciting experiences.

High-caliber attendees and high-quality talks

The micromobility expo offered exhibiting companies excellent opportunities to generate new leads. Exhibitors were highly satisfied with the caliber of tradeshow attendees and the discussions they had with them as well as the overall run of the show. “At the micromobility expo we had an opportunity to network with representatives from micromobility and politics in some highly fruitful discussions. We were delighted to be part of this new and innovative event and look forward to participating again next year,” reported John P. Hein, Head of Marketing at flash, LMTS Germany, Berlin.

This was echoed by Jens Ulrich Müller from the Hannover-based E Scooter Shop: “The amount of media attention at the micromobility expo was impressive, and there was a lot of interest shown. In addition to existing business partners, we were able to generate new leads very quickly – all of them of very high caliber and informative. Our talks with numerous attendees, many of whom were immersing themselves in the topic of micromobility for the first time, were also highly productive and an enrichment for our own future work. We are confident that the micromobility expo will quickly establish itself as the leading trade fair for electric micro-vehicles. Next year we already have this trade fair firmly in our sights.”

Janik Lipke, co-founder of the Munich-based moovi firm, added: “The micromobility expo exceeded our expectations across the board. This trade fair is representative of the current zeitgeist and is making a valuable contribution to the subject of eMobility in Germany. This has expressed itself tangibly for us, above all through the presence of the media, political representatives and high-caliber trade visitors.”

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Federal Minister Altmaier assumes patronage of LightCon

LightCon, the new conference and exposition (“confex”) is the first cross-material, cross-technology platform for lightweight construction solutions. A growing number of associations and organizations have become partners of the event, which runs from 23 to 24 June in Hannover, Germany. The event enjoys key support by the German federal government, with Economics Minister Peter Altmaier now serving as the official patron of LightCon.

Hannover, Germany. The concept behind LightCon is taking off. As a platform for all lightweight construction solutions across competing materials and processes, as well as for hybrid solutions and lightweight engineering design, the new conference/exposition is explicitly designed as both a marketplace for alternative offerings and seedbed for new ideas, partnerships and networks. This makes LightCon attractive for current users of lightweight construction as well as newcomers to the lightweight scene. For all concerned, lightweight construction is not only a successful means of boosting performance and cost-effectiveness, but also a major factor in achieving the all-important goals of sustainability and climate protection.

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier had this to say about the topic: “In order to further promote lightweight construction as a game-changing technology, what is needed are lightweight solutions that incorporate the entire gamut of materials and technologies. LightCon makes an important contribution to this by bringing together the various players that are shaping the future of the lightweight construction industry.”

The Federal Minister of Economics has officially assumed patronage of LightCon. This comes at a time when the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) will be funding a technology transfer program for lightweight construction to the tune of 280,000 million euros. Apart from the Ministry, other organizations and associations have joined the circle of LightCon supporters, including the German massive forming industry association Industrieverband Massivumformung, the Federal Association of the German Foundry Industry (BDG), the International Magnesium Association, the Lightweight Construction Interest Group (igeL), Mobility goes Additive, and the NanoMikroWerkstoffePhotonik.NRW cluster. And the network is growing.

A founding partner of LightCon is Composites United, one of the world’s largest networks for fiber-based, multi-material lightweight construction. “Our goal was to set up a national lightweight construction team,” said Dr. Gunnar Merz, CEO of Composites United. “We wanted to compete for the best material for each specific application. After all, what counts is the carbon footprint – from which free competition between different materials flows.” In so doing, the carbon footprint in lightweight construction always takes into account the entire life cycle – from development and design to recycling. “If Europe is truly to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, then a key role will be played by lightweight construction,” remarked Merz. “With partners from a wide variety of fields and a varied conference program, the search for the best lightweight construction solution is still open-ended.”

Statements by LightCon partners:

Tobias Hain, President of the German Massive Forming Association (Industrieverband Massivumformung)

“Since 2013, the Massive Lightweight Construction Initiative, a cooperation between the German Massive Forging Industry Association and the Steel Institute VDEh, has been working on the lightweight design potential of massively formed components in the powertrain and chassis of various vehicle types under the heading of ‘massive lightweight construction’. Weight savings in the vehicle lead to a variety of positive effects such as reduced CO2 emissions, enhanced driving dynamics, conservation of resources and improved driving safety – and are a decisive factor for the introduction of eMobility. That is why we support the idea of a LightCon as a platform for different approaches leading to a common goal: making life lighter and more sustainable.”

Max Schumacher, General Manager of the Federal Association of the German Foundry Industry (BDG)

“The design freedom that comes with casting metallic materials allows the optimization of lightweight construction like scarcely another process. Cast components are always a fundamental element of the circular economy. Thanks to lightweight construction, castings make a significant contribution to resource conservation and reduced CO2 emissions. LightCon is an ideal platform for networking between the research community, producers and industrial clients at a high level.”

Peter Kettler, Managing Director of the Lightweight Construction Interest Group (igeL):

“Lightweight construction is becoming increasingly important in the field of furniture and interior work. First, there is the weight reduction for mobile interior work. But a significant reduction of up to 50 percent in the use of wood for equivalent or even better qualities with additional benefits like functional integration or transport handling for Internet shipping is also a further argument in favor of lightweight construction. Thanks to a comprehensive network of experts, igeL members will be able to make an important contribution to achieving green goals. As a con¬ference/exposition, LightCon offers a balanced platform for a cross-material showcases, and we are delighted to be supporting it.”

Dr. Karl Ulrich Kainer, Helmholtz Center Geesthacht, former Head of the Magnesium Innovation Center and International Magnesium Association (IMA):

“The global debate on climate change is fueling interest in lightweight structural materials like reinforced polymers, aluminum or magnesium alloys and high-performance steels. The demand for reduced emissions from combustion engine vehicles and the implementation of new concepts for hybrid, electric or fuel cell vehicles has led to a growing interest in metallic and non-metallic lightweight materials. As the lightest metallic structural material, magnesium alloys hold great potential as a means of achieving lightweight objectives, namely ready availability, high specific strength, good processability, machinability and recyclability. I am confident that the forward-looking concept behind LightCon – one addressing all classes of lightweight materials and the entire value chain from raw materials to production technology and end-of-life scenarios – will spark a successful forum for interpersonal networking on the state of the market, technology and applications. The conference will provide excellent opportunities for engineers, developers and decision-makers eager to get together and talk shop on the latest advances in R&D, technology and applications.”

Stefanie Brickwede, Managing Director of Mobility Goes Additive (MGA)

“Lightweight construction offers great potential for making products and processes more sustainable and resource-efficient. 3-D printing is one of the most important implementation technologies, whereby widely different structures and thus savings in material and weight are made possible by layered construction. MGA is the leading international network for additive manu¬facturing in industry. With over 120 members from the most important user sectors – machine manufacturers, 3-D printing service providers, material manufacturers and R&D institutes – we provide pragmatic support for the professional implementation of lightweight construction ideas. As LightCon partners, our goal is to advance industrial lightweight construction by means of additive manufacturing.”

Dr. Harald Cremer, Cluster NanoMicroMaterialsPhotonics.NRW:

“From research and development, raw material production and processing and on through to mechanical engineering and recycling, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia’s lightweight players cover every conceivable type of material and the entire value-added chain for lightweight construction, and this is unique throughout Europe in terms of scope, density and the quality of our state’s offerings. In particular, the cross-material, cross-technology and cross-industry character of LightCon sets a new innovative standard for the entire lightweight construction sector in Germany, and NMWP.NRW is very happy to support this.”

The speaker lineup at LightCon will feature accomplished experts from industry, the R&D community and industry associations intent on providing exclusive insight into the cutting-edge options available for lightweight construction. The LightCon conference and exhibition are closely intermeshed, with the keynote and panel topics taking their cues from the best-practice demonstrations and real-world applications featured in the expo part of the event.

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alimentec: The International Food, Beverage, and Hospitality trade fair

9-12 June 2020 | Bogota, Columbia

Colombia, one of the oldest democracies in Latin America, is an important and strategic focal point in the region. With its promising, constantly growing economy, it has become a major trading partner of the USA, Panama, Brasil and Mexico. Furthermore, the food retail sector in Colombia is one of the most modern ones in Latin America!

Alimentec 2020 is a must-see event forecasting the best product innovations and the latest knowledge in the food, beverage and hospitality industry in the Andean region, Central America and the Caribbean. This year we will highlight our Sweets, Snacks & Confectionery and Bread & Bakery segments.

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Top industry brands like Nestlé, Santillana, Colombina, Fleischmann, Weston, Hobart and Rational are only some of the exhibitors that already booked their stands.

Reserve your stand now and join us at Alimentec 2020.

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TWENTY2X: Right on track for a successful premiere

New IT show for SMES is ready to roll

Hannover. Deutsche Messe’s new IT trade show for small and medium-sized enterprises is ready to roll. The planning and prep work has been done, and the show is right on track for a successful premiere this March. “With its innovative format, its unequivocal positioning as a B2B event and its focus on the aspects of digitalization that really matter to small and medium-sized businesses, the show closes a gap in the tradeshow market,” commented Deutsche Messe Managing Board member Dr. Andreas Gruchow. To date, more than 180 companies – including 35 startups – from 12 countries have registered as exhibitors for TWENTY2X. “In other words, we’re right on target,” said Gruchow. “These numbers show that our new tradeshow format is being warmly embraced by the market.”

A tradeshow offering perfectly aligned with SME needs

The aim of TWENTY2X is to empower SMEs to take the digitalization steps they need to take in order to remain competitive and meet the heightened expectations of their customers. It will pursue this objective by giving SMEs highly relevant information on the products, services and tools they will need, plus real-world reference examples and opportunities for dialogue with industry peers. The offering ranges from data analysis tools, new work methods and social media strategies to solutions for managing online threats. Its core focus is on smart technologies and fully developed solutions that will help SMES to modernize their business models, develop innovative products and services, streamline their organizational structures, optimize their processes and leverage modern forms of collaboration.

SMEs as core customer group

With these things in mind, when it came time to develop and market the TWENTY2X concept, Deutsche Messe enlisted the support of several well-positioned partners who are champions of SME interests on both the supply and demand side of the IT market. Those partners are as follows: Germany’s Federal Association of SME IT Companies (BITMi), the internet industry association eco, the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW), the German Association of Medium-Sized IT Service Providers and Software Developers for the Public Sector (DATABUND), the German Association of Small and Medium-size Enterprises (BVMW), the German IT Users Federation (VOICE) and the German Startups Association (BVDS). These partners will be running their own lounges and events at the show and will have input into numerous speaking events.

The majority of the exhibitors registered for TWENTY2X are either SMEs themselves or see SMEs as their most important customer segment. The DATABUND showcase alone will feature some 30 co-exhibiting organizations. Other SME-scale IT providers exhibiting at the show include Inotec, Synology, Grün Software and Topdesk. ECM provider DocuWare will also be there, and will be using its showcase to meet up with customers, partners and prospects. “For us, TWENTY2X is a very welcome development, because it means we once again have a B2B forum for the digital economy where we can connect with pre-qualified decision-makers from all industries and show them our cloud solutions for document management and workflow organization,” said DocuWare’s Vice President Sales DACH & Italy, Hermann Schäfer.

Alongside its core SME constituency, the upcoming TWENTY2X will feature a number of big players in the IT scene. Materna Information & Communications, for example, will be there with its own standalone display, and Dell and VMware will be profiling their respective offerings in a joint display along with Global Information Distribution.

Another big player, IBM, will be running a standalone display. Along with other respected industry experts, it will also be participating in the conference program with a strong focus on the key topics of block chain, the cloud, New Mobility, public security and New Work. “IBM will use TWENTY2X to show SMEs and startups how cloud computing and cloud solutions can make scalable business models successful,” said Jan Fode, IBM’s Head of Events DACH, IBM Global Markets, Marketing.

A space for informing, inspiring and sharing

For visitors, TWENTY2X is not just a marketplace for products, services and solutions; it is also a space for orientation, inspiration, knowledge sharing and comparing notes with industry peers. It features a diverse mix of special event formats held on five stages where, over the course of the show’s three days, some 200 speakers will give presentations on key fundamentals, share real-world experiences, and take part in multi-perspective panel discussions, topic-specific summits and pitches. This part of the show includes innovative interactive formats that have been developed jointly by exhibitors and prospective attendees and which are tailored specifically to TWENTY2X as a B2B digital technology event for SMEs.

Speakers from politics, business and society

The opening session on the morning of Tuesday, 17 March, will include an address by Thomas Jarzombek, the Commissioner for the Digital Industry and Startups at Germany’s Economic Affairs Ministry (BMWi). The Ministry, which will also be presenting at its own stand at TWENTY2X, is currently running an “SMEs Digital” initiative that is aimed at helping SMEs to better understand the challenges and opportunities of the digital economy and which supports them in the development and implementation of strategies for digital transformation. “This is something we take very seriously, because ultimately it is about strengthening the competitiveness of Germany’s many small and medium-sized enterprises,” Jarzombek said. “We need to be hungry for innovation, and we need to embrace new technologies with an open mind and see them as sources of new opportunities,” he added.

Also on the Tuesday, author, internet entrepreneur and blogger Sascha Lobo will give an opening keynote titled “Digitalization in the SME segment – Where to from here?” He will be followed by Hagen Rickmann, Director Business Customers at Deutsche Telekom, who will give a keynote on business trends in infrastructure, cloud computing and mobility. On Wednesday, 18 March, free-thinker and former IBM Germany CTO Professor Gunter Dueck will take center stage. Dueck is a charismatic speaker known and valued for his forthright views on controversial topics. He is currently studying the changes taking place in the digital working world and is critical of what he sees as a culture of permanent control, the disproportionate importance attached to efficiency and the lack of time available for genuine innovation.

Exhibitors leveraging show’s specially developed event formats

Many exhibitors have also registered for the show’s special event formats – an innovative lineup of events designed to make it easier for attendees to engage with today’s new digital technologies. The Best Practice Sessions, for example, are already fully booked. These are platforms for wide-ranging and creative dialogue in which technology users and their providers jointly take the stage and explain the success stories behind their digitalization projects. Similarly, the Speed Dating rounds, where attendees engage in rapid-fire discussion on pre-defined topics with representatives from startups and large, established companies, are nearly fully booked, with only a few slots left for exhibitors.

Also among the special event formats are the TWENTY2X Battles, where companies present their solutions to a pre-defined challenge in the course of three six-minute rounds. With the Working Lunches, TWENTY2X visitors get to learn about the product and service offering of an exhibitor while enjoying a free meal. And last but not least, there are the Platform Economy Ideas Workshops, where exhibitors, visitors and industry experts put their heads together to develop tomorrow’s Internet-based business models.

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parts2clean 2020: The international hub for component cleanliness

The transformational wave sweeping across numerous industrial sectors and markets is presenting companies with new and ever-shifting challenges, and this is also applies to industrial component and surface cleaning. This trend is fully reflected by parts2clean 2020. For virtually every high-tech application in the fields of manufacturing and reprocessing, parts2clean is the information and procurement platform of choice for users of industrial cleaning technology.

13 February 2020

Hannover. New product requirements as a result of alternative drives and the turnaround in energy policy, among other factors; innovative manufacturing technologies and processes, such as additive manufacturing, digital transformation and AI; stricter regulatory requirements and climate protection targets – these are just a few examples that have triggered a number of far-reaching transformative processes in a wide variety of industries. Manufacturing steps such as component and surface cleaning are becoming increasingly important, both in production and in reprocessing. In short, component cleanliness is critical to the satisfactory quality of subsequent processes and for ensuring that products function optimally on a sustained basis.

The current changes underway in industrial component cleaning therefore require sustainable solutions tailored to the specific range of products and tasks and to the individual situation. To make appropriate investment decisions, however, a comprehensive overview of development trends, technologies, methods, processes and suppliers is necessary. “In the field of component cleaning, parts2clean facilitates comprehensive monitoring in an effective and efficient way,” says Olaf Daebler, Global Director of parts2clean at Deutsche Messe. “It’s the world’s largest event featuring every aspect of industrial cleaning technology, with all the relevant suppliers on board.”

Providing decision-makers with the input and choices they need

For 18 years, now, parts2clean has served as the number one information and procurement platform for users from a wide variety of industries and countries. The 2019 visitor survey revealed that for over a third of the trade visitors, parts2clean was their only source of input on available solutions. At 86%, the percentage of attending professionals who play a role in their company’s investment decisions is above average. A good three quarters of them indicated they had come to the show with specific investment and purchasing intent, with 39% indicating they were planning to invest more than €100,000. For participating exhibitors, this added up to very promising conditions for lead generation. “parts2clean is attended by solution-seekers with specific objectives in mind. Within the following one- to two-year period, we’ve been able to generate orders from roughly 30% of the contacts made at the show,” reports Karl-Heinz Menauer, Sales & Technology at acp Systems AG.

Special formats and attractive supporting events add value

Spanning industries and technologies, the various solutions along the process chain of industrial component and surface cleaning provide users from all manufacturing sectors and reprocessing with specific and useful information about processes, methods, media, procedures and suppliers. In addition, the upcoming parts2clean will focus on issues such as cleaning in optoelectronics, medical technology and electronics manufacturing. Other topics featured at the 2020 flagship trade fair will include the automation and digitization of cleaning processes, the increasingly important removal of filmic-chemical contamination, precision cleaning and quality control in the cleanroom, and the selective treatment of functional surfaces. “The presentations focus not just on the current state of the art but also on future requirements and solutions,” says Daebler.

Special formats such as “Process flow component cleaning with cleanliness control in the cleanroom” and QSREIN 4.0 provide visitors with information about particular fields and encourage discussion about innovations.

With its three-day expert forum, held in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Cleaning Technology Alliance and the German Industrial Parts Cleaning Association (FiT), parts2clean features one of the most internationally renowned sources of knowledge. The presentations, with simultaneous German <> English translation, focus on trends, innovations, topics and reports from all fields of industrial component and surface cleaning.

The Guided Tours given in English on a twice-daily basis provide insight into various aspects of component and surface cleaning along the process chain, which is particularly useful to visitors with little experience in the field. This enables them to efficiently learn about solutions, innovations and suppliers for their individual needs. Exhibitors included in the Guided Tours have the chance to impress an interested audience of professionals with their products and latest solutions, thus generating additional leads.

For more information, visit or contact Mr. Noli Nicanor of ECCP at or call +632 8845-1324

HANNOVER MESSE 2020: How change becomes growth

The manufacturing industry worldwide is grappling with the twin challenges of technological change and economic and political uncertainty. With its keynote theme of Industrial Transformation, HANNOVER MESSE 2020 focuses on the opportunities presented by innovative technologies, steadily growing and ever more readily available amounts of data, and a growing awareness of climate protection.

13 February 2020

Hannover. Four megatrends are changing the world: digitalization, individualization, climate protection, and demographic change. Industry is facing a big design task. The current economic and political climates pose additional challenges that make it difficult to maintain reliable partnerships.

Dr. Jochen Köckler, CEO of Deutsche Messe AG

HANNOVER MESSE shows global industry the way forward. “The way we live, produce things and work is undergoing extremely rapid change,” says Dr. Jochen Köckler, CEO of Deutsche Messe. “The manufacturing industry is in the driver’s seat. The challenge is to take the wheel and shape the change. At HANNOVER MESSE 2020, some 5,500 exhibiting companies will show how transformation can be positive, and how change can spark growth and progress.”

Data: Source of efficiency and prerequisite for machine learning

In today’s world, growth is built on data, and thanks to digitalization, the volume of data generated in industrial production processes is growing exponentially. Our ability to extract meaning from these data and turn them into profit is also growing.

Today’s industrial technology solutions are interconnected. Machines and systems communicate and share information with each other autonomously, while software takes care of the documentation, monitoring and simulation. This data revolution is driving efficiency and is the prerequisite for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Köckler: “At HANNOVER MESSE, we show how machines, production plants and intralogistics processes can be transitioned to the digital world. If you don’t make this transition, then sooner or later you will be left behind by your competitors.” Against this background, HANNOVER MESSE will feature presentations of software solutions for flexible manufacturing and B2B platforms for industry by big-name companies like Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Google, HUAWEI, IBM, Intel, Kaspersky, Microsoft, SAP, Siemens PLM and Software AG.

5G for industry

This year’s HANNOVER MESSE will see the return of the 5G testbed infrastructure that premiered last year. Network equipment providers and users use the testbed to demonstrate the kinds of functionality that the new mobile telephony standard will be able to deliver. Köckler: “The ability to transfer large volumes of data in real time while maintaining high standards of data security is absolutely fundamental to the digital integration of industry. So, in Halls 3 and 21, we are setting up a real, working 5G network.” Numerous individual showcases in these halls will be networked via 5G. “Nowhere else in the world will you find such a diverse array of 5G industrial use examples in a real, working 5G network, all under one roof,” remarked Köckler.

The convergence of production and logistics

Digitalization is already a major driver of change in all areas of intralogistics. This includes automated warehouses, where processes are controlled by software programs, and where automated guided vehicle systems tour the halls at all hours of the day and night, delivering the right goods and materials in the right quantities to the right place at exactly the right time. Another key aspect is that production and logistics processes are converging and becoming increasingly interconnected, thereby making production more efficient, flexible and cost-effective. This year’s HANNOVER MESSE will hold a mirror to these developments by prominently featuring logistics and intralogistics solutions.

Climate protection through innovation: the road to carbon-neutral production

Industrial production is energy-intensive. That is why resource efficiency, energy efficiency, and carbon-neutrality have been on the industry agenda for many years.

The climate debate currently taking place in society is helping with this by adding further momentum to the development of sustainable advanced technologies and carbon-neutral business models. Whatever form these technologies and business models take – whether smart solutions for energy, circular economy models or lightweight design – the resulting gains in terms of resource conservation, energy efficiency and process optimization will do more than merely counter climate change; they will be good for business as well. That is why one of the key messages of HANNOVER MESSE 2020 is that climate protection and forward-looking industrial policies are two inseparable sides of the same coin.

Energy in transition: Hydrogen as a motor for industry

Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies span both infrastructure and industrial applications and are steadily gaining ground in the alternative energy mix.

For many years at HANNOVER MESSE, the international “Hydrogen + Fuel Cells EUROPE” showcase has been a key driver of growth in the hydrogen economy. This year the group exhibit boasts record participation, with more than 200 exhibiting companies from around the world. Visitors gain a comprehensive overview of energy generation and use, transport and mobility, and the interrelationships between the building-systems, manufacturing, transport, and energy sectors.

E-mobility infrastructure and related technologies are also a big topic in Hannover: Exhibitors show everything from transportation systems and charging technology to electricity network infrastructure and stationary energy storage technologies.

Young guns: Tech startups shaking up the industrial sector

One important effect of digitalization is that it empowers small companies to achieve things that were once the exclusive preserve of the big industrial players. Startups are now able to punch above their weight with disruptive ideas and technologies that really make a mark.

Tech startups from all around the world are rising to the challenge and helping to shape the transformation of industry in all kinds of ways, whether in the form of AI-powered software, virtual reality applications, sensor technologies, smart materials or intelligent energy solutions.

Not only young disrupters present pioneering visions of the future of industry at HANNOVER MESSE. The show also profiles Indonesia’s impressive roadmap for the future. HANNOVER MESSE’s official Partner Country for 2020 is taking decisive steps towards the realization of Industry 4.0.

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The Stage is set. Let THAIFEX-Anuga Startup/Tech Pavilion jumpstart your business!

Find out more about THAIFEX-Anuga Startup/Tech Pavilion!Get the attention your startup deserves at THAIFEX - Anuga Asia 2020

2020 Startup Flyer | 2019 Video Recap | Contact Us

Take centre-stage at THAIFEX – Anuga Asia 2020! As the largest international F&B trade event in Asia, we are invested in the future of food, and we believe that startups play an important role by bringing new innovations to the industry.

With the global F&B industry poised to grow by 8.4% this year1, now’s the time to get your business in front of the people who matter!

Our THAIFEX – Anuga Startup/Tech Pavilion is designed for you to present your latest and greatest to an interested and engaged industry audience of venture capitalists, business partners and potential customers. There’s no better way to get their attention!

Showcase, Pitch, NetworkPackage Details

Register for THAIFEX – Anuga Startup/Tech Pavilion by 30 March 2020!

EDM-Cam_Sign me up for THAIFEX-Anuga Startup / Tech Pavilion!

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TWENTY2X: New digital technology show to premiere in March of 2020

Focus on digitization in small and medium business

09 Dec. 2019

Hannover. In March of 2020, Deutsche Messe is launching TWENTY2X – a new digital technology show to be held at the Exhibition Center in Hannover, Germany. The show will focus on IT technologies and their role in the digitization of SME business processes. It will present use cases and application scenarios of key importance to decision-makers and IT managers as they work to futureproof their organizations in the digital age.

TWENTY2X will be staged over three days – from 17 to 19 March (Tuesday through Thursday) – in halls 7 and 8 and in the Convention Center. Comprising a trade fair and supporting conference, the show is being organized by Deutsche Messe in partnership with Germany’s Federal Association of SME IT Companies (BITMi), the Association of the Internet Industry (eco), the German IT Users Federation (VOICE) and the German Startups Association (BVDS).

TWENTY2X as a digital enabler for SMEs

TWENTY2X is a digital enabler for SMEs and is aimed primarily at businesses from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Its target visitors are principally CEOs and IT decision-makers from SMEs and startups, as well as IT experts and advisers.

“Our objective is to help small and medium-sized businesses along their digitization journey so that they are ready for the future and better positioned in their respective competitive settings,” commented Deutsche Messe Managing Board member Dr. Andreas Gruchow. “TWENTY2X is a new B2B event that gives SMEs exactly what they need in order to ready themselves for the years ahead: concrete solutions, modern technologies, and best practices that they can leverage to make sound decisions.”

Strong partners on board: BITMi, eco and VOICE

For the conceptualization and fine-tuning of TWENTY2X, Deutsche Messe is teaming up with strong partners, one of which is the Federal Association of SME IT Companies (BITMi). For the BITMI, TWENTY2X is entering the scene at precisely the right moment to give SMEs a chance to reach a well-targeted, highly promising audience of solution-seekers keen on futureproofing their businesses. “As Germany’s biggest association for SME-scale IT companies, we welcome this new digital technology show because it is a sales platform geared expressly to our SME-only membership. For small and medium-size businesses, TWENTY2X is a highly effective and efficient tool for generating new leads,” commented BITMi President Dr. Oliver Grün.

On behalf of another strong TWENTY2x partner – the Association of the Internet Industry (eco) – CEO Alexander Rabe remarked: “eco e.V. is committed to web and digital technology market development. The Internet is fundamental to modernizing the business operations of SMEs. We are certain that digital technology can help small and medium-sized enterprises much more fully reaching their international market potential. If we aim to keep Germany’s SMEs up to speed as economic motors, then it’s an absolute must to give SMEs a leg-up with discovering and adopting digital technologies. For these reasons, as an Internet industry association we wholeheartedly endorse the TWENTY2X show’s sharp focus on SMEs. The event provides a perfect setting for fruitful dialogue between Internet players and user companies so as to find and build on common ground.”

The third major supporter of TWENTY2X, the German IT Users Federation (VOICE), sees the event as a new marketplace tailored specifically to SMEs and a setting in which they can share ideas and compare notes on best practices and promising approaches to digitization. “The small and medium-sized businesses who make up a large share of our members can learn a great deal from how other companies have gone about quickly and successfully deploying digital solutions. We are therefore convinced that the concept behind TWENTY2X is right on target,” explained Dr. Hans-Joachim Popp, Director of the steering committee at VOICE.

TWENTY2X will help make SMEs more competitive

A recent study undertaken by Germany’s KfW state-owned development bank indicates that Germany’s SME sector is lagging behind on digitization and requires significant investment in order to catch up. During the period from 2015 to 2017, only 30 percent of the country’s 3.76 million SMEs invested in the adoption of new or improved digital technologies. According to KfW, there is a risk that smaller firms, in particular, will fall behind in the modernization of their business processes and the development of new, digital business models and will thus become less competitive.

Surveys conducted by KfW as part of its study show that the most important issues identified by SMEs are digitization of contact channels with customers and suppliers (56 percent of respondents), modernization of IT structures (53 percent), the development of specific know-now (38 percent), the reorganization of workflows (25 percent), and the implementation of new approaches to marketing and sales (25 percent). These are all issues that will be to the fore at TWENTY2X.

TWENTY2X: platform for key enabling technologies

TWENTY2X presents all the technologies that SMEs need for their digital transformation. It deals with all SME business processes and applications, essential IT security solutions, the hardware and software components necessary for the operation of infrastructure, and the use of new technologies, such as virtual reality.

TWENTY2X comprises five main showcases. The first of these, Business Management, focuses on solutions for the growing complexity of processes, the growing pace of business and the need for ultra-fast decision-making. The lead topics in this showcase are data management, big data and artificial intelligence, business software such as CRM (customer relationship management), ECM (enterprise content management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning), as well as the cloud and server & storage technology.

The Security Solutions showcase features solutions designed to help SMEs protect their internal information and sensitive customer data and safeguard against cyber attacks. Topics here include IT infrastructure, threat management, GDPR and blockchain.

The third showcase, New Tech, is the TWENTY2X show’s future workshop. It is where visitors can learn about important applications of cutting-edge technologies and developments. For example, they will discover how 5G can be used in the transport sector, how AR/VR can optimize product development and maintenance work, and how international research institutions develop new innovations.

Another core area of the show is scale11, a startup showcase that models the living ecosystem that supports and enables entrepreneurship. The showcase facilitates networking between startups and key SMEs, corporations, investors, politicians and media organizations. scale11 at TWENTY2X is a unique platform that fosters networking between organizations with vastly differing cultures, matching the flat hierarchies and agile methods of startups with the extensive market experience and established networks of large corporations. scale11 is a joint production between Deutsche Messe and the German Startups Association (BVDS) – a partner with solid know-how and an extensive business network.

Another major challenge for SMEs relates to new business processes and changes in the nature of work as a result of generational change, process innovation and growing diversity. Visitors at TWENTY2X will find solutions to these challenges and more at New Work, a showcase dedicated to ECM (enterprise content management) solutions, communications, conferencing and meetings, and workplace systems and management. Alongside these technology-centric solutions, the showcase will deal with organizational processes and issues of corporate culture – matters that are equally as important when it comes to shaping tomorrow’s workplaces and corporate structures.

TWENTY2X to feature special program items for public administration, future mobility and financial services sectors

The program for the premiere of TWENTY2X in March 2020 will include content that is specially tailored to three highly service-centric sectors: public administration, future mobility and financial services. The new show will include theme-specific exhibition areas, a comprehensive conference program, workshops and interactive networking opportunities – all of them specially designed with these three user sectors in mind.

For example, the organizers are planning separate full-day summits for each of these sectors. Representatives of these sectors will also be able to participate in other new formats where they will have the opportunity to formulate their requirements and discuss them with manufacturers and developers and play an active role in the planning of future developments.

TWENTY2X: opportunities for discussion and dialogue

TWENTY2X will feature several on-stage events where key enabling digital technologies of relevance for SMEs and the show’s three focus sectors will be presented and discussed. The dialogue and discussion will traverse broad topic areas like digital transformation, new technologies and artificial intelligence, and delve into more specialized topics like cyber security, data analytics and customer centricity. The discussion on the subject of infrastructure will center on edge computing, the cloud and data centers.

One of these on-stage events will be dedicated to startups. The on-stage program also covers general societal topics, such as “Women in the digital economy” and privacy.

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