parts2clean 2020: The international hub for component cleanliness

The transformational wave sweeping across numerous industrial sectors and markets is presenting companies with new and ever-shifting challenges, and this is also applies to industrial component and surface cleaning. This trend is fully reflected by parts2clean 2020. For virtually every high-tech application in the fields of manufacturing and reprocessing, parts2clean is the information and procurement platform of choice for users of industrial cleaning technology.

13 February 2020

Hannover. New product requirements as a result of alternative drives and the turnaround in energy policy, among other factors; innovative manufacturing technologies and processes, such as additive manufacturing, digital transformation and AI; stricter regulatory requirements and climate protection targets – these are just a few examples that have triggered a number of far-reaching transformative processes in a wide variety of industries. Manufacturing steps such as component and surface cleaning are becoming increasingly important, both in production and in reprocessing. In short, component cleanliness is critical to the satisfactory quality of subsequent processes and for ensuring that products function optimally on a sustained basis.

The current changes underway in industrial component cleaning therefore require sustainable solutions tailored to the specific range of products and tasks and to the individual situation. To make appropriate investment decisions, however, a comprehensive overview of development trends, technologies, methods, processes and suppliers is necessary. “In the field of component cleaning, parts2clean facilitates comprehensive monitoring in an effective and efficient way,” says Olaf Daebler, Global Director of parts2clean at Deutsche Messe. “It’s the world’s largest event featuring every aspect of industrial cleaning technology, with all the relevant suppliers on board.”

Providing decision-makers with the input and choices they need

For 18 years, now, parts2clean has served as the number one information and procurement platform for users from a wide variety of industries and countries. The 2019 visitor survey revealed that for over a third of the trade visitors, parts2clean was their only source of input on available solutions. At 86%, the percentage of attending professionals who play a role in their company’s investment decisions is above average. A good three quarters of them indicated they had come to the show with specific investment and purchasing intent, with 39% indicating they were planning to invest more than €100,000. For participating exhibitors, this added up to very promising conditions for lead generation. “parts2clean is attended by solution-seekers with specific objectives in mind. Within the following one- to two-year period, we’ve been able to generate orders from roughly 30% of the contacts made at the show,” reports Karl-Heinz Menauer, Sales & Technology at acp Systems AG.

Special formats and attractive supporting events add value

Spanning industries and technologies, the various solutions along the process chain of industrial component and surface cleaning provide users from all manufacturing sectors and reprocessing with specific and useful information about processes, methods, media, procedures and suppliers. In addition, the upcoming parts2clean will focus on issues such as cleaning in optoelectronics, medical technology and electronics manufacturing. Other topics featured at the 2020 flagship trade fair will include the automation and digitization of cleaning processes, the increasingly important removal of filmic-chemical contamination, precision cleaning and quality control in the cleanroom, and the selective treatment of functional surfaces. “The presentations focus not just on the current state of the art but also on future requirements and solutions,” says Daebler.

Special formats such as “Process flow component cleaning with cleanliness control in the cleanroom” and QSREIN 4.0 provide visitors with information about particular fields and encourage discussion about innovations.

With its three-day expert forum, held in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Cleaning Technology Alliance and the German Industrial Parts Cleaning Association (FiT), parts2clean features one of the most internationally renowned sources of knowledge. The presentations, with simultaneous German <> English translation, focus on trends, innovations, topics and reports from all fields of industrial component and surface cleaning.

The Guided Tours given in English on a twice-daily basis provide insight into various aspects of component and surface cleaning along the process chain, which is particularly useful to visitors with little experience in the field. This enables them to efficiently learn about solutions, innovations and suppliers for their individual needs. Exhibitors included in the Guided Tours have the chance to impress an interested audience of professionals with their products and latest solutions, thus generating additional leads.

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HANNOVER MESSE 2020: How change becomes growth

The manufacturing industry worldwide is grappling with the twin challenges of technological change and economic and political uncertainty. With its keynote theme of Industrial Transformation, HANNOVER MESSE 2020 focuses on the opportunities presented by innovative technologies, steadily growing and ever more readily available amounts of data, and a growing awareness of climate protection.

13 February 2020

Hannover. Four megatrends are changing the world: digitalization, individualization, climate protection, and demographic change. Industry is facing a big design task. The current economic and political climates pose additional challenges that make it difficult to maintain reliable partnerships.

Dr. Jochen Köckler, CEO of Deutsche Messe AG

HANNOVER MESSE shows global industry the way forward. “The way we live, produce things and work is undergoing extremely rapid change,” says Dr. Jochen Köckler, CEO of Deutsche Messe. “The manufacturing industry is in the driver’s seat. The challenge is to take the wheel and shape the change. At HANNOVER MESSE 2020, some 5,500 exhibiting companies will show how transformation can be positive, and how change can spark growth and progress.”

Data: Source of efficiency and prerequisite for machine learning

In today’s world, growth is built on data, and thanks to digitalization, the volume of data generated in industrial production processes is growing exponentially. Our ability to extract meaning from these data and turn them into profit is also growing.

Today’s industrial technology solutions are interconnected. Machines and systems communicate and share information with each other autonomously, while software takes care of the documentation, monitoring and simulation. This data revolution is driving efficiency and is the prerequisite for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Köckler: “At HANNOVER MESSE, we show how machines, production plants and intralogistics processes can be transitioned to the digital world. If you don’t make this transition, then sooner or later you will be left behind by your competitors.” Against this background, HANNOVER MESSE will feature presentations of software solutions for flexible manufacturing and B2B platforms for industry by big-name companies like Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Google, HUAWEI, IBM, Intel, Kaspersky, Microsoft, SAP, Siemens PLM and Software AG.

5G for industry

This year’s HANNOVER MESSE will see the return of the 5G testbed infrastructure that premiered last year. Network equipment providers and users use the testbed to demonstrate the kinds of functionality that the new mobile telephony standard will be able to deliver. Köckler: “The ability to transfer large volumes of data in real time while maintaining high standards of data security is absolutely fundamental to the digital integration of industry. So, in Halls 3 and 21, we are setting up a real, working 5G network.” Numerous individual showcases in these halls will be networked via 5G. “Nowhere else in the world will you find such a diverse array of 5G industrial use examples in a real, working 5G network, all under one roof,” remarked Köckler.

The convergence of production and logistics

Digitalization is already a major driver of change in all areas of intralogistics. This includes automated warehouses, where processes are controlled by software programs, and where automated guided vehicle systems tour the halls at all hours of the day and night, delivering the right goods and materials in the right quantities to the right place at exactly the right time. Another key aspect is that production and logistics processes are converging and becoming increasingly interconnected, thereby making production more efficient, flexible and cost-effective. This year’s HANNOVER MESSE will hold a mirror to these developments by prominently featuring logistics and intralogistics solutions.

Climate protection through innovation: the road to carbon-neutral production

Industrial production is energy-intensive. That is why resource efficiency, energy efficiency, and carbon-neutrality have been on the industry agenda for many years.

The climate debate currently taking place in society is helping with this by adding further momentum to the development of sustainable advanced technologies and carbon-neutral business models. Whatever form these technologies and business models take – whether smart solutions for energy, circular economy models or lightweight design – the resulting gains in terms of resource conservation, energy efficiency and process optimization will do more than merely counter climate change; they will be good for business as well. That is why one of the key messages of HANNOVER MESSE 2020 is that climate protection and forward-looking industrial policies are two inseparable sides of the same coin.

Energy in transition: Hydrogen as a motor for industry

Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies span both infrastructure and industrial applications and are steadily gaining ground in the alternative energy mix.

For many years at HANNOVER MESSE, the international “Hydrogen + Fuel Cells EUROPE” showcase has been a key driver of growth in the hydrogen economy. This year the group exhibit boasts record participation, with more than 200 exhibiting companies from around the world. Visitors gain a comprehensive overview of energy generation and use, transport and mobility, and the interrelationships between the building-systems, manufacturing, transport, and energy sectors.

E-mobility infrastructure and related technologies are also a big topic in Hannover: Exhibitors show everything from transportation systems and charging technology to electricity network infrastructure and stationary energy storage technologies.

Young guns: Tech startups shaking up the industrial sector

One important effect of digitalization is that it empowers small companies to achieve things that were once the exclusive preserve of the big industrial players. Startups are now able to punch above their weight with disruptive ideas and technologies that really make a mark.

Tech startups from all around the world are rising to the challenge and helping to shape the transformation of industry in all kinds of ways, whether in the form of AI-powered software, virtual reality applications, sensor technologies, smart materials or intelligent energy solutions.

Not only young disrupters present pioneering visions of the future of industry at HANNOVER MESSE. The show also profiles Indonesia’s impressive roadmap for the future. HANNOVER MESSE’s official Partner Country for 2020 is taking decisive steps towards the realization of Industry 4.0.

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TWENTY2X: New digital technology show to premiere in March of 2020

Focus on digitization in small and medium business

09 Dec. 2019

Hannover. In March of 2020, Deutsche Messe is launching TWENTY2X – a new digital technology show to be held at the Exhibition Center in Hannover, Germany. The show will focus on IT technologies and their role in the digitization of SME business processes. It will present use cases and application scenarios of key importance to decision-makers and IT managers as they work to futureproof their organizations in the digital age.

TWENTY2X will be staged over three days – from 17 to 19 March (Tuesday through Thursday) – in halls 7 and 8 and in the Convention Center. Comprising a trade fair and supporting conference, the show is being organized by Deutsche Messe in partnership with Germany’s Federal Association of SME IT Companies (BITMi), the Association of the Internet Industry (eco), the German IT Users Federation (VOICE) and the German Startups Association (BVDS).

TWENTY2X as a digital enabler for SMEs

TWENTY2X is a digital enabler for SMEs and is aimed primarily at businesses from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Its target visitors are principally CEOs and IT decision-makers from SMEs and startups, as well as IT experts and advisers.

“Our objective is to help small and medium-sized businesses along their digitization journey so that they are ready for the future and better positioned in their respective competitive settings,” commented Deutsche Messe Managing Board member Dr. Andreas Gruchow. “TWENTY2X is a new B2B event that gives SMEs exactly what they need in order to ready themselves for the years ahead: concrete solutions, modern technologies, and best practices that they can leverage to make sound decisions.”

Strong partners on board: BITMi, eco and VOICE

For the conceptualization and fine-tuning of TWENTY2X, Deutsche Messe is teaming up with strong partners, one of which is the Federal Association of SME IT Companies (BITMi). For the BITMI, TWENTY2X is entering the scene at precisely the right moment to give SMEs a chance to reach a well-targeted, highly promising audience of solution-seekers keen on futureproofing their businesses. “As Germany’s biggest association for SME-scale IT companies, we welcome this new digital technology show because it is a sales platform geared expressly to our SME-only membership. For small and medium-size businesses, TWENTY2X is a highly effective and efficient tool for generating new leads,” commented BITMi President Dr. Oliver Grün.

On behalf of another strong TWENTY2x partner – the Association of the Internet Industry (eco) – CEO Alexander Rabe remarked: “eco e.V. is committed to web and digital technology market development. The Internet is fundamental to modernizing the business operations of SMEs. We are certain that digital technology can help small and medium-sized enterprises much more fully reaching their international market potential. If we aim to keep Germany’s SMEs up to speed as economic motors, then it’s an absolute must to give SMEs a leg-up with discovering and adopting digital technologies. For these reasons, as an Internet industry association we wholeheartedly endorse the TWENTY2X show’s sharp focus on SMEs. The event provides a perfect setting for fruitful dialogue between Internet players and user companies so as to find and build on common ground.”

The third major supporter of TWENTY2X, the German IT Users Federation (VOICE), sees the event as a new marketplace tailored specifically to SMEs and a setting in which they can share ideas and compare notes on best practices and promising approaches to digitization. “The small and medium-sized businesses who make up a large share of our members can learn a great deal from how other companies have gone about quickly and successfully deploying digital solutions. We are therefore convinced that the concept behind TWENTY2X is right on target,” explained Dr. Hans-Joachim Popp, Director of the steering committee at VOICE.

TWENTY2X will help make SMEs more competitive

A recent study undertaken by Germany’s KfW state-owned development bank indicates that Germany’s SME sector is lagging behind on digitization and requires significant investment in order to catch up. During the period from 2015 to 2017, only 30 percent of the country’s 3.76 million SMEs invested in the adoption of new or improved digital technologies. According to KfW, there is a risk that smaller firms, in particular, will fall behind in the modernization of their business processes and the development of new, digital business models and will thus become less competitive.

Surveys conducted by KfW as part of its study show that the most important issues identified by SMEs are digitization of contact channels with customers and suppliers (56 percent of respondents), modernization of IT structures (53 percent), the development of specific know-now (38 percent), the reorganization of workflows (25 percent), and the implementation of new approaches to marketing and sales (25 percent). These are all issues that will be to the fore at TWENTY2X.

TWENTY2X: platform for key enabling technologies

TWENTY2X presents all the technologies that SMEs need for their digital transformation. It deals with all SME business processes and applications, essential IT security solutions, the hardware and software components necessary for the operation of infrastructure, and the use of new technologies, such as virtual reality.

TWENTY2X comprises five main showcases. The first of these, Business Management, focuses on solutions for the growing complexity of processes, the growing pace of business and the need for ultra-fast decision-making. The lead topics in this showcase are data management, big data and artificial intelligence, business software such as CRM (customer relationship management), ECM (enterprise content management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning), as well as the cloud and server & storage technology.

The Security Solutions showcase features solutions designed to help SMEs protect their internal information and sensitive customer data and safeguard against cyber attacks. Topics here include IT infrastructure, threat management, GDPR and blockchain.

The third showcase, New Tech, is the TWENTY2X show’s future workshop. It is where visitors can learn about important applications of cutting-edge technologies and developments. For example, they will discover how 5G can be used in the transport sector, how AR/VR can optimize product development and maintenance work, and how international research institutions develop new innovations.

Another core area of the show is scale11, a startup showcase that models the living ecosystem that supports and enables entrepreneurship. The showcase facilitates networking between startups and key SMEs, corporations, investors, politicians and media organizations. scale11 at TWENTY2X is a unique platform that fosters networking between organizations with vastly differing cultures, matching the flat hierarchies and agile methods of startups with the extensive market experience and established networks of large corporations. scale11 is a joint production between Deutsche Messe and the German Startups Association (BVDS) – a partner with solid know-how and an extensive business network.

Another major challenge for SMEs relates to new business processes and changes in the nature of work as a result of generational change, process innovation and growing diversity. Visitors at TWENTY2X will find solutions to these challenges and more at New Work, a showcase dedicated to ECM (enterprise content management) solutions, communications, conferencing and meetings, and workplace systems and management. Alongside these technology-centric solutions, the showcase will deal with organizational processes and issues of corporate culture – matters that are equally as important when it comes to shaping tomorrow’s workplaces and corporate structures.

TWENTY2X to feature special program items for public administration, future mobility and financial services sectors

The program for the premiere of TWENTY2X in March 2020 will include content that is specially tailored to three highly service-centric sectors: public administration, future mobility and financial services. The new show will include theme-specific exhibition areas, a comprehensive conference program, workshops and interactive networking opportunities – all of them specially designed with these three user sectors in mind.

For example, the organizers are planning separate full-day summits for each of these sectors. Representatives of these sectors will also be able to participate in other new formats where they will have the opportunity to formulate their requirements and discuss them with manufacturers and developers and play an active role in the planning of future developments.

TWENTY2X: opportunities for discussion and dialogue

TWENTY2X will feature several on-stage events where key enabling digital technologies of relevance for SMEs and the show’s three focus sectors will be presented and discussed. The dialogue and discussion will traverse broad topic areas like digital transformation, new technologies and artificial intelligence, and delve into more specialized topics like cyber security, data analytics and customer centricity. The discussion on the subject of infrastructure will center on edge computing, the cloud and data centers.

One of these on-stage events will be dedicated to startups. The on-stage program also covers general societal topics, such as “Women in the digital economy” and privacy.

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IDEM 2020: Early-Bird Deadline for Workshop Extended!

We are happy to announce that we will be extending early-bird deadline for limited attendance workshops! You may now enjoy the early-bird rate till 17 February 2020 (GMT +8, 23:59).

Workshop Highlights:

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90% sold out!

ANUFOOD Brazil 2020 finished the year strong with many new exhibitors confirming their participations, and we are now at nearly 90 % sold out!

ANUFOOD Brazil 2020 in numbers:

  • 200+ brands
  • 10,000+ Brazilian and international buyers from over 40 countries
  • F&B buyers from all sales channels – supermarkets, restaurants, bars, wholesale, distributors, import/export, horeca, etc.

We have confirmed exhibitors from 24 countries and a total of 12 official international pavilions from Germany, China, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, France, Indonesia, Italy, South Korea, Malaysia, Peru, Arab-Brasil Chamber of Commerce, Dubai Exports, Sharjah Chamber of Commerce.

Be part of ANUFOOD Brazil 2020 and take advantage of our “We take care” services.


  • SENAI Bread & Bakery Show
  • Sponsored Buyer Mission Groups
  • B2B Matchmaking (Brazilian and International Buyers)
  • Hosted buyers from Latin America + worldwide
  • Arena Show (with presentations focused on relevant themes for BARS, PIZZA and GOURMET)
  • Gala Dinner
  • Ecommerce for Retail Seminar by Euromonitor
  • ANUFOOD Brazil Congress (organised by: ITAL and FGV Projetos)
  • SINDAL TECHNOLOGY AND EQUIPMENT SHOWROOM – Food service technology and equipment showcase, with the leading brands from Brazil and the world.
  • FOOD TECH CONNECTION – Powered by fomehub, an exhibition space dedicated to start ups in the food tech space with speaking sessions.
  • ABRASEL DRINK SHOW – Dynamic exhibition space dedicated to spirits, with presentations and shows from celebrity bartenders and industry experts.
  • MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE (BRAZIL) – Pavilion of certified small producers of diverse agricultural products.

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Will your brand steal the show at THAIFEX – Anuga Asia 2020?

Visit THAIFEX - Anuga Asia websiteWill your brand steal the show at THAIFEX – Anuga Asia 2020?Marketing Packages | Special Events | Conferences

It’s not every day that 68,000 trade buyers and visitors from around the world gather under one roof with the aim of making new business connections. THAIFEX – Anuga Asia 2020 is an industry-recognised opportunity to showcase your brand, accelerate sales and marketing efforts, and earn hot leads — and this process can start right now!

Leverage our curated supporting programmes to reach out to the audiences that matter most to your business.Floorplan

More Marketing Packages Here!Conference Packages Here!

Give your brand the spotlight it deserves at the largest international F&B trade event in Asia. Talk to us about your sales and marketing objectives for a tailored proposal on how you can maximise your participation at the show. 

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Focus topics finalized for LIGNA 2021

The organizers of LIGNA have announced the focus topics for next year’s event. As the world’s leading trade show for woodworking and wood processing equipment, machinery and tools, LIGNA is looked to as a guide for the key issues that will shape the wood industry in the coming years. The next edition of LIGNA, running from 10 to 14 May 2021, will put the spotlight on the digital transformation of the woodworking industry, prefabrication processes in timber construction and the bioeconomy.

LIGNA 2021 (10 to 14 May) (Source: Deutsche Messe AG)
  • Trade show to put spotlight on digitalization, prefabrication and bioeconomy

Hannover, Germany. The organizers of LIGNA have announced the focus topics for next year’s event. As the world’s leading trade show for woodworking and wood processing equipment, machinery and tools, LIGNA is looked to as a guide for the key issues that will shape the wood industry in the coming years. The next edition of LIGNA, running from 10 to 14 May 2021, will put the spotlight on the digital transformation of the woodworking industry, prefabrication processes in timber construction and the bioeconomy. These three focus topics will be reflected at individual tradeshow stands as well as throughout the various forums and special displays – as well as at the LIGNA Guided Tours.

Digitalization is driving innovation throughout the global economy, including in the wood industry, where digital technologies are no longer limited to peripheral functions for production operations, but are fundamentally reshaping business models and processes. That is why the focus topic of Woodworking Transformation will again feature prominently at LIGNA 2021. The digital solutions on display will cover a wide range of areas – from planning and design to production and quality monitoring. More and more manufacturers of machinery for processing solid and engineered wood are offering digital systems solutions. Industrial plant providers are increasingly opting for robotics systems for materials handling, human-machine interaction and surfacing functions. Key themes include cloud-based data management, standardization and interfaces, building information modeling (BIM), timber flow management and augmented and virtual reality applications. Digitalization is also opening up major opportunities in the skilled trades, both when it comes to meeting the rising demand for custom solutions and the implementation of complete concepts.

The timber construction industry is increasingly trending towards modularization and standardization. In the multi-level timber construction sector, the development of prefabrication systems has picked up speed in recent years. The benefits of prefabrication are clear: shorter on-site construction times ease the cost of financing and reduce construction site emissions. These benefits go on top of the inherent benefits of timber as a construction material: it is sustainable and recyclable and requires minimal energy at the production and processing stages. These are all good reasons to feature Prefab Building Processes as a focus topic at LIGNA 2021. The show will shine a light on how timber is used as a building material and the individual planning, prefabrication and assembly steps involved in multi-level construction. It will also cover the use of timber in existing building structures.

The concept of the bioeconomy has gained considerable political and economic traction around the world in recent years. Bioeconomy refers to the transition from a fossil fuel and mineral resources-based economy to a renewable resources-based economy. As one of the world’s most important renewable resources, wood has a central role to play in this process. By choosing Green Material Processing as the third focus topic for LIGNA 2021, the organizers are highlighting the economic and technological innovations arising from the new processing and finishing options for timber as a key renewable resource. Coverage will include the relevant technologies, research findings, regulatory framework and practical results – especially as regards potential added value for SMEs. The focus topic will also be reflected in LIGNA’s existing comprehensive exhibits of colors, liquid coatings, lubricants and 3D printing systems. Additional coverage will focus on the challenges and developments of the global wood-based bioeconomy.

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Trends from DOMOTEX 2020

Hardly any other subject is as deeply engrained in our consciousness as “health”. It affects all areas of life – as was also reflected at DOMOTEX 2020, the world’s leading trade fair for carpets and floor coverings.

22 January 2020
Deutsche Messe AG

From January 10 to 13, 2020, DOMOTEX served as a popular meeting place for exhibitors and attendees from across the globe. They convened at the world’s leading tradeshow for carpets and floor coverings to network and share information on the latest products and industry trends. The current keynote theme of “ATMYSPHERE” was a nod to the new “healthy living” megatrend, focusing on flooring properties like acoustics, naturalness and sustainability, all of which contribute to a sense of well-being, not to mention a healthy interior atmosphere.

At the same time, the term “ATMYSPHERE” describes the experience of a specific, individual environment which allows floor designs to unfold. This keynote theme was divided into the areas of Sustainable FlooringWell-beingGreen LivingFloor & MoreOutdoor and Acoustics.

Featuring imaginative stagings, presentations of innovative products and an inspiring supporting program, the Framing Trends special display in Hall 8 was the creative and communicative heart of the trade fair. Visitors with a particular focus on lifestyle issues found a wide range of networking opportunities and ideas there.

Trendbericht: Windmöller “Bioboden Wineo 1500 Floating-Wood-Snow”
Windmöller, Halle 12, Stand C57

Unique stagings of “ATMYSPHERE” at Framing Trends

Developed by the Munich-based Schmidhuber agency, the “Contract Frames” area played a central role at the Framing Trends special display. This new-look event consisted of four pavilions, each of them serving as a source of inspiration for the lead theme, which was showcased in practical, applications-oriented settings. Acoustically Effective Solutions, involving materials and furniture, were integrated in all areas. The Sustainable Flooring frame demonstrated the sustainable use of materials, with a floor made of the rapidly renewable raw material cork, plus textiles from ecologically oriented production and durable solid wood furniture. The Well-being room emphasized health-promoting and environmentally friendly aspects intended to create a balance between body and soul, including a natural wooden floor. Floor & More demonstrated the versatility of flooring materials by expanding a Balta Group carpet into an upholstered, three-dimensional seating arrangement. The Green Living frame featured environmentally friendly floor coverings (resilient flooring from Windmöller, carpet from Tisca), rich green tones, plant and floral elements, as well as wall decorations. A central open space connected the four rooms and illustrated the benefits of typical Outdoor Floors, with a flowing transition from indoors to outdoors. The wooden outdoor floor was provided by Denderwood, while the artificial turf came from Lano Carpets.

Innovative presentations by exhibitors, artists and universities

The artist Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia from Chile used textile fibers to create a colorful landscape of abstract flowers and plants, resulting in a textile oasis that stretched from floor to wall. At a group stand uniting Aquafil with Sarawagi Rugs, a manufacturer of hand-knotted Nepalese carpets, visitors were able to see innovation and craftsmanship based on the use of Econyl fibers made from recycled fishing nets and carpets to create a carpet designed by British designer Isobel Morris. DryTiles are ceramic tiles which have a cork layer on the back, laid in an environmentally friendly way without glue and grouted with a special material. This sophisticated product system is particularly suitable for contract projects where time is a critical factor. DryTile is suitable for rooms that are designed for temporary use, as well as for floor renovations in the commercial and retail sector, which, for reasons of cost, need to be realized within a short period of time.

Stefany invited visitors into a kind of tunnel in which they were able to explore different kinds of natural beauty via interactive installations, while Tarkett, a manufacturer of floor and sporting surfaces and Uzin Utz, a specialist for floor laying products and machines, presented their sustainable products jointly under the motto “Let’s take care of our atmosphere!”

And the Belgian IVC Group showed its environmentally friendly luxury vinyl flooring from its Moduleo “LayRed” collection, made of recycled material with a particularly soft surface and a red, acoustically effective backing.

The “paprfloor” start-up has set itself the task of equipping floors in exhibition halls both sustainably and aesthetically. In cooperation with a paper manufacturer, the company founders developed the basic material for their paper floors, which can be individually designed and are now available worldwide. “Warm-up” is the name of a room-related concept developed by students at the Hannover University of Applied Sciences. The heating pipes of an underfloor heating system, which are normally hidden beneath the floor, are now visible as part of a mobile room divider. This novel heating system could be useful as a sculptural heat source, wherever required.

A fresh wind blows through Hall 3

With a new stand concept, a stage for presentations and a café, Hall 3 was turned into a special forum for handmade carpets. Nominees and winners of the Carpet Design Awards were also presented there.

These internationally renowned awards were presented in a festive setting on 11 January, the second day of the fair. As always, there was advance buzz about who would receive awards for their product or project, since the victorious entries typically combine quality, design and innovation to a particularly strong extent. The winners were as follows:

Jairpur Rugs received three Carpet Design Awards, for Best Modern Design Superieur (“Stairmaze”), Best Modern Design Deluxe (“Strati”) and for Best Collection (“Jaipur Wunderkammer”). The jury’s verdict: “Exciting design variety combined with a great, unmistakable look.”

Gewinner: Best Studio Artist Design
Giovanni – Designed by John Booth for Floor Story

Lila Valadan received an award for “Shahnameh” (Best Classic Design) and “6th Sense” (Best Flatweave Design). The jurors of the Carpet Design Awards judged the carpet and interior in the room installation “Home Dana” by Rug Star by Jürgen Dahlmanns to be “perfectly coordinated”, as they said. In the “Best Studio Artistic Rug Design” category, the jury chose Floor_Story for its “Giovanni” carpet. Knots Rugs received an award for its “Fresco”. Here, the jury was impressed by “a fascinating design with successful proportions and depth effect.”

An imaginative journey into the world of Persian knotting awaited visitors at Naziri / Lila Valadan. The carpet label reinterprets traditional designs, while at the same time referring to their roots. The artfully handmade collections of the “The Four Seasons” exhibition, “Minimalism”, “Geometry”, “Floral” and “Untitled” were presented in a series of interlocking rooms. Due to their high quality and design they contributed to a sense of individual well-being. Each of the room installations offered the viewer a fascinating interplay of light, textiles, sound elements and interior design – and at times even dance, influenced by Persian culture.

The keynote theme generates strong feedback among exhibitors

Among the exhibitors in the handmade carpets segment, the keynote theme “ATMYSPHERE”, which is all about health, sustainability and well-being, was well-received.

DOMOTEX 2020 – THE WORLD OF FLOORING, Art & Interaction, Julian Modica – “Dreidimensionale Steinlandschaft”, Halle 8, S15,

Handmade carpets, such as those on show at DOMOTEX, represent unique gems. Made from high-quality sheep’s wool or fine silk, they create a special atmosphere in interior settings. They also provide thermal insulation, have a pleasantly soft feel and radiate a luxurious aura. By being comfortable, absorbing dust and pollen from the air and improving the room acoustics, these unique “jewels” contribute to a sense of Well-being. The use of renewable raw materials and their long service life make them sustainable components of home and property furnishings. In addition, their unique design makes them an eye-catcher in every room.

Organic designs, geometry and fair trade

DOMOTEX 2020 featured numerous carpets with floral and plant patterns, including Rica Basagoiti, Tissage, Tisca, Rug Star and the Floral collection from “The Four Seasons” exhibition by Lila Valadan. Creative Matters displayed its “Balthazar” innovation from the Halcyon collection made of Tibetan sheep wool combined with Chinese silk, with a motif graduated in eight shades of gray which reminded the viewer of gently curved stalks.

Another trend in handmade carpets consists of geometric patterns (Galleria Battilossi, Jaipur Rugs), several of which were inspired by motifs from the Bauhaus workshops, such as the “Ghashgha’i meets Bauhaus” collection by Zollanvari, which combines the traditional Ghashgha’i style with the formal language of Bauhaus master Josef Albers. The carpets are made of hand-combed and spun wool, dyed with natural plant dyes.

In addition to these qualities, committed manufacturers like Jaipur Rugs, Creative Matters, Paulig and Theo Keller ensure a clear conscience when buying carpets, because these manufacturers are socially committed to fair trade and the elimination of child labor.

Sustainable flooring, well-being and acoustic impact

Trendbericht: Unterwasser-Motiv aus der – Mar Rosso – Collection
Oriental Weavers Carpet, Halle 5, Stand A16

Numerous aspects of the keynote theme also played a major role in the field of woven carpets. Verbatex presented “WalkSoft”, an innovative, regenerated recycled fiber made from cotton residues that were previously considered waste materials. With its “D-CO” series, the company presented ottomans and cushions in natural colors. Oriental Weavers from Egypt celebrated its 40th anniversary at DOMOTEX 2020. This company has succeeded in reducing its CO2 footprint considerably in recent years, which is why it received an award from GEFF (Green Economy Financing Facility). The new “Mar Rosso” collection, featuring colorful, naturally inspired motifs and underwater and beach scenes, was also showcased in Hannover. 

Ragolle Rugs, Halle 6, Stand G04

Ragolle Rugs also produces in an environmentally friendly fashion. With its “Argentum” line and a large selection of flower and leaf motifs, the Belgian company is committed to the Green Living trend. With “Re-Generation”, Balta Industries presented an innovative program featuring carpets made of recycled plastic bottles and PET fibers. Best Wool Carpets was represented with its “Monasch” collection, made of pure sheep’s wool. Its material has a positive effect in many ways: By regulating air humidity, it contributes to a healthy living climate, with an anti-allergic effect and dampened footfall sound. Girloon displayed its self-adhesive and low-emission “Style” carpet modules, with an acoustically effective comfort backing. Freudenberg Performing Materials promoted its sustainably produced and recyclable tufted carpet backing with a booth that became a popular photo motif: The floor of the stand showed the decor of a meadow orchard, on which boxes of red apples were placed.

Natural and sustainable wall and floor coverings

Cork is one of the rapidly renewable raw materials with positive properties that are used to design coverings for walls and floors. Cork has an insulating effect, reducing sound transmission and temperature variations, while at the same time improving the interior climate. With “Dekwall”, Wicanders presented a product line made of this natural material, corresponding to the current Floor & More trend for holistically designed rooms. This is a wall covering consisting of two layers of cork, which is matched to manufacturers’ floors. The surfaces come from fine to highly structured. The “3D Forms” wall elements by Granorte are also made of this environmentally friendly material in the trendy retro style, which are geometrically and three-dimensionally shaped in line with the product name. They can be used to furnish a wall or to create individual accents.

Swiss Krono Exquisite Port Oak

The Swiss Krono Group presented a variety of new decors aimed at improving the quality of life and creating a room atmosphere that makes you feel good. The “Adaja Oak” floors from the Robusto series are particularly oriented towards the natural version. Windmöller showed its “Purline Organic Floor wineo 1500” in numerous color variations and patterns. This flooring is based on the composite material ecuran, which is predominantly made from renewable raw materials like rapeseed or castor oil and chalk. It is available as an individual print on request. “Purline Organic Flooring” is sustainable, resistant and aesthetic, as well as contributing to a feeling of well-being based on its ingredients.

Artful geometries, individualization and that “used look” for wood floors

Trendbericht: ¿Cinzento Custom Made¿ Kollektion
T&G Wood, Halle 13, Stand E89

In the area of wood floors, collections with artistically designed geometric patterns (Garbelotto, Vielaris Art Parquet, Design Parquet, Mazzonetto) are just as much in vogue as floors with a vintage or used look. T&G Wood showed “Cinzento Custom Made”, a customizable floor with a surface that comes alive with visible knotholes and cracks. Manufacturers Futura Floors and Gunreben also emphasize small irregularities in their solid lock floorboards, as is natural for a natural product. This apparent flaw metamorphosizes into an authentic feature. 

Trendbericht: ¿ART DÉCO¿ Programm
Vielaris Art Parquet, Parkettböden, Halle 13, Stand A63

Vielari’s Art Parquet specializes in the restoration of historical wooden floor coverings. Thanks to this special expertise, the Lithuanian company is able to combine new wooden floors with inlays or metal inlays in its “Art Déco” collection – with the highest level of craftsmanship and precision. “Dureco”, designed by ter Hürne, is a natural, sustainable and extremely robust floor made of 100 percent organic material. Its high resistance to water is achieved by the so-called Seal Technology – a combination of different components that together provide effective protection.

Outdoor flooring as an enhancement to the quality of life

The trend towards growing health awareness is accompanied by increasing demands on the appearance, quality and texture of floor coverings in the outdoor segment. At its own stand, Li&Co presented its outdoor flooring design “LICO Outex” in wood look. This is a non-slip, easy-care and weather-resistant designer floor covering which is laminated onto a heat-treated pine plank. The “Exterpark Magnet Wood Collection” by Yvyra is a noble teak deck with magnetic clip system. The individual elements are designed in such a way that they can be installed on an aluminium substructure within a few seconds using a special tool – without visible gaps or screws. At the stand of Heinrich Krüger, bamboo terrace boards from sustainable cultivation were shown. They are extremely durable and resistant, shape-stable and weatherproof, thus offering a number of advantages over most tropical woods in terms of economy and the environment. Ravaioli Legnami showed its “Rhinowood Wax Pine” pine floorboards from sustainable forestry, which are as weather-resistant as exotic woods due to their treatment with wax. Outdoor carpets are also playing an increasing role, with Reinkemeier presenting its “andiamo” series, featuring various exotic leaf motifs.

Installation and application technology hook into lead theme

Saicos Colour presented its solvent-free Ecoline hardwax oil “Zero” for wood and cork floors as well as interior wood surfaces. Produced in an environmentally friendly way, this oil contributes to healthy indoor air quality. With its installation underlay “Selitpro XPO 2 mm” for parquet, laminate and vinyl flooring, Selit Dämmtechnik presented an acoustically effective solution in which both walking and impact sound are effectively damped, a quality which was clearly demonstrated at the exhibition stand. This is due to an optimum combination of density and strength, creating strong pressure stability. At Pedross, visitors were able to experience the advantages of “Clipstar Fast” – a clip system with invisible fastening for clip-in skirtings without drill holes, in support of sleek architectural and design concepts. The system can be installed without using tools, fitting perfeclty, just like the customizable products from Neuhofer, into the theme of Floor & More. The latter company unveiled its “FN Smart Shop” at the show. Using its DIY store configurator, customers could view skirting boards, wall panels and floor profiles from the manufacturer’s range of products in a number of different decors and individual patterns in a three-dimensional display, then select and order them.

Innovative developments like these are already arousing curiosity as to next year’s DOMOTEX, which runs in Hannover from 15 to 18 January 2021.

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DOMOTEX End of Show Report

14 January 2020
Deutsche Messe AG

The world’s leading trade fair for carpets and floor coverings has once again underscored its status as the industry’s most significant trade, innovation and trend platform. A total of 35,000 attendees – 90% of them decision makers and 70% from abroad – came to explore the latest trends, products and solutions presented by over 1,400 exhibitors from more than 60 different countries.

DOMOTEX 2020: An event marked by sustainability, high-class attendance and international appeal

From 10 to 13 January, the latest edition of DOMOTEX – the world’s leading showcase for carpets and floor coverings – again stood out as the industry’s biggest, most pivotal hub for trends and innovations. A total of 35,000 attendees – 70% of them from abroad – were on hand for the four-day event to explore the latest trends, products and solutions presented by over 1,400 exhibitors from more than 60 different nations. The show’s keynote theme of “ATMYSPHERE” highlighted the aspects of flooring products that contribute to a sense of wellbeing and promoted naturalness and sustainability – topics thoroughly reflected by the products on display.

“DOMOTEX is and remains our most international tradeshow. We are delighted that the event attracts attendees from around the globe, who come for 2.3 days on average – 60% from Europe, 25% from Asia and 10% from the Americas, with the remainder from Africa and Australia,” said Dr. Andreas Gruchow, the Deutsche Messe Managing Board member in charge of DOMOTEX.

“We have been truly impressed with the positive reception and special spirit at this year’s DOMOTEX. The attendance figures reflect an ongoing trend towards increased market concentration. The further rise in the percentage of high-caliber professionals is an important factor in business growth for 2020. Around 90% of the show’s visitors have decision-making authority at their companies, with half of them at top management level,” noted Sonia Wedell-Castellano, Global Director for DOMOTEX. “I am also delighted with how enthusiastically our exhibitors embraced the keynote theme of ATMYSPHERE, as well as with the success of the revamped ‘Treffpunkt Handwerk’ skilled trades hub and the volume of exhibitors who have indicated they will be back in 2021.”

Impressive visitor mix: high in quality and internationality

Exhibitors affirmed the success of their industry’s flagship fair with regard to two key performance indicators: “Our main concern here is not high attendance figures, but rather the right kind of attendees,” explained Hakan Dinc, CEO of Stefany Hali Tekstil in Turkey. This aspect was also clearly appreciated by visitors: “I made the decision to come to Hannover because this is where I can see what is happening across the global marketplace, which enables me to make the right choices for our customers,” remarked trends scout Andrés Jobet of Piso Urbano Alfombras, based in Santiago, Chile.

The high quality of this year’s event was also highlighted by Arman J. Vartian, proprietor of Vartian Carpets in Vienna, who had this to say after returning to exhibit at DOMOTEX following a five-year hiatus: “It seems to us that DOMOTEX is heading down the right path. The stands are now more attractive and appealing, and the show is clearly committed to supporting our industry.” Anke Hattingh, Marketing Director of Mapei GmbH in Grossostheim, Germany, praised the great diversity of exhibits as a “major source of inspiration.” And according to Bernhard ter Hürne, CEO of ter Hürne GmbH & Co. KG in Südlohn, Germany, “In terms of its reach, DOMOTEX delivers like no other European tradeshow can.”

Olivier Bossuyt, Sales Director at ivc group in Avelgem, Belgium summed things up by saying: “We opted to return to DOMOTEX after a two-year break because the show’s strong international pull enables us to meet with important trade partners and generate promising new leads – a fact reconfirmed by DOMOTEX 2020.”

One out of two attendees generates new leads at DOMOTEX

Based on this year’s visitor survey, almost half of all attendees (44%) used the event to generate new leads. Fred T. Keller, Marketing Director of Theo Keller GmbH in Bochum, Germany, reported a high number of walk-in visitors and new customers. He attributed this mainly to ongoing enhancements to the event, particularly the new hall layout launched in 2020, which he saw as a major step forward. “This new design has resulted in many more spontaneous customer contacts than previously, and we couldn’t be more delighted. DOMOTEX is definitely the most important trade fair for us.”

Attending DOMOTEX was also a “must” for Mirco Schäpe, Product Manager LVT at JAB Teppiche Heinz Anstoetz KG in Herford-Elverdissen, Germany. He spends several days at the event every year to meet up with existing and potential suppliers and “get a feel for emerging trends,” as he put it. Michael Massmann, National Sales Manager & Vice President of Textile Trading Group, Winter Park, USA, said he used DOMOTEX mainly to generate new leads, adding that: “We are naturally also keen on establishing new, preferably long-term customer relationships, while at the same time deepening our relations with existing customers and suppliers. We have attended every DOMOTEX since our business was founded three years ago, and that’s not going to change.”

“ATMYSPHERE” as a common thread

The show’s keynote theme was also well received by exhibitors. For example, Bernhard Reinkemeier, CEO of Reinkemeier Rietberg based in Rietberg, Germany, referred to it as being a “good match” for his company’s objectives, adding: “We very much welcome the keynote theme and its flanking measures, all of which are highly attractive and have helped us reach our goals.”

“The keynote theme perfectly reflected the spirit of the times, and its significance was clear to see throughout the halls. We are already busy exploring ways of featuring sustainability to even greater advantage at DOMOTEX 2021,” remarked Wedell-Castellano. “I also very much look forward to teaming up with the show’s players from the business community and the skilled trades so as to generate even more benefit for the industry and its clientele next year.”

The next DOMOTEX will be staged from 15 to 18 January 2021 at its traditional venue in Hannover, Germany.