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Introducing INTERSCHUTZ 2022’s Lead Theme

INTERSCHUTZ 2022 will be showcasing innovative technologies following this year’s lead theme, “Teams, tactics, technology – protection and rescue networked”.

Technological advancement is essential to emergency services and the aid industry. INTERSCHUTZ aims to enrich the discussion on solving the modern challenges in rescue,  aid, and security services.

The theme, “Teams, tactics, technology – protection and rescue networked” advocates for the digitalization of the industry. Technological innovation will bring more opportunities, enhance response time and expand the capability of emergency services and the aid industry.

Check out some of the discussions in the INTERSCHUTZ 2022 show below:

5G Network

The connectedness of local emergency and aid services are essential to hazard prevention. Look forward to the demonstration of 5G applications throughout the show.

A Networked Fire Brigade

The digitalization and networking of fire brigades remain a challenge to fire departments. Eurocommand will present “CommandX CX5”, a 5th generation leadership support software that offers a solution to this problem. Esri is another company that seeks to use geodata to improve the decision-making of leaders.

Drones as Operational Support

The use of drones as operational support in hazard prevention presents various opportunities for innovation. The German Rescue Robotics Center (DRZ), the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR), and NtureTec are three of the companies that will engage in this topic.

Digital Networking

Digital applications provide a platform for fast communication, efficiency in operations management, and resource allocation. Hexagon/Intergraf, Sinus Nachrichtentechnik, Divera, rescueTablet, and Status 3 IT will all be present in the fair.

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