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ISPO Sports Business Update

Dear ISPO Community,

This week we are presenting a mix as colorful as the rainbow dress in which the Japanese singer-songwriter Misia performed the host country’s national anthem at the start of the Olympic Games.

This brings us to the topic – fashion and the Olympics. Even if the games are of course primarily about the athletes’ performance: what they wear, whether at the opening ceremony or in competition, is taken into account as well, is discussed and evaluated. And rightly so, as we think. Because even if taste can be argued about, fashion is so much more than that, it also always conveys a message, whether on values such as sustainability or political issues such as equality. Or as an inspiring mix of traditional and modern unisex design such as the sports uniforms of the Liberian team designed by fashion designer Telfar. We’ll show you which fashion statements were and still can be discovered at the games in Tokyo.

Would you like further input on the subject of fashion? We show the advantages and disadvantages of cotton, one of the most important raw materials in the textile industry, and explain why it is particularly important to pay attention to organic labels when it comes to this natural fiber. Your outfit is ready already and you want to use the summer weather to take off on your racing bike? We are introducing eight e-racing bikes that make it easier for racing bike beginners to start and master climbs and that convince even purists of the advantages of a racing bike with a motor.

And we want to say goodbye with another fashion statement, another colorful rainbow outfit, this time worn by racing driver Sebastian. You can find out what it’s all about and which athletes and sporting events made us laugh or smile this week in our Good News.

We wish you a lot of fun reading and a colorful and exciting week!

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