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ISPO Sports Business Update

Dear ISPO Community,

The European Football Championship is nearing its climax, the Tour de France is in full swing and one or the other fan is not only sitting in front of the television in the jersey of their favorite athlete, cheering or nervously keeping their fingers crossed, but may suddenly feel the desire to score a few goals themselves or get on their bike. Clearly, professional athletes are much more than a kind of active entertainer, sporting events are more than emotionally charged after-work entertainment. They inspire us to pursue our interests and to be active ourselves. They motivate us to overcome obstacles and give our best in sport.

And some of these athletes inspire us in particular and far beyond their sport: They impress with their courage to break taboos, their will to realize their dreams against all odds and the joy they preserve, despite any constraints a professional career might bring with it.

Yusra Mardini, for example, is not just a talented swimmer. She is also the youngest ambassador of the UNHCR, uses her fame to draw attention to the plight of refugees, and shows in an impressive way that it is possible to overcome strokes of fate and build a successful life.

We also introduce you to Carl Nassib, who left a lasting impression with his outing. With his statement and the positive reactions to it, the football professional writes NFL history, and gives other members of the LGBTQ community strength and courage.

Besides these inspiring portraits, we also have a feature on the megatrend sustainability again for you this week. We take a look behind the scenes of the fashion industry and show you how you can distinguish real sustainability from greenwashing. And of course, our Good News should not be missing, including an inspiring surfer mom and great news on sustainability in the sports and outdoor industry.

We hope you enjoy reading and wish you an inspired week full of moving encounters!

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