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INHORGENTA MUNICH provides a unique combination of individuality, inspiration, and innovation. Our new strapline uses three magic words to highlight how we are shaping the future for the sake of your success.

Together with our exhibitors, visitors, and experts, we are developing future-proof solutions for dealing with the challenges of today and tomorrow. In this way, we are strengthening your market position and giving you more of an edge over the competition—profitably and for the long term.

What the fair can offer

INHORGENTA MUNICH is the trade fair for discoverers

  • Discover variety:
    INHORGENTA MUNICH presents you with a whole world of jewelry and timepieces.
  • Discover something new:
    INHORGENTA MUNICH reveals trends, innovations, and solutions for the future.
  • Discover knowledge:
    INHORGENTA MUNICH pools well-founded knowledge from leading experts.
  • EDiscover events:
    INHORGENTA MUNICH is all about contacts and conversations at the highest level.
  • Discover potential:
    INHORGENTA MUNICH will strengthen your brand and your independence, and give you more of an edge over the competition.

What distinguishes INHORGENTA MUNICH from the rest

INHORGENTA MUNICH is your powerful industry partner

You can secure your success in a changing market with strong and balanced partnerships. With our new positioning, our collaboration with the entire industry goes even deeper.

  • INHORGENTA MUNICH is your international order and communication platform for jewelry and timepieces.
  • At INHORGENTA MUNICH you can experience the entire value-added chain for your market in all its glory at one single venue.
  • INHORGENTA MUNICH uses its atmosphere of emotional experience to communicate persuasively with the industry. We will inspire you with enticing presentations of modern designer jewelry and innovative designs.
  • As your professional partner, INHORGENTA MUNICH is focused on your individual interests, and we can offer you an excellent personal service and put together solutions tailored to you.

Become part of the inspiring worlds of INHORGENTA MUNICH

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