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LIGNA.Innovation Network: New Digital Format in September 2021

LIGNA is and remains the meeting point where people and machines from all over the world come together at the exhibits in Hannover. The LIGNA.Innovation Network consists of three pillars – Expo, Conference, and Networking – and takes place in the H’Up streaming studio at the Hannover Exhibition Center.

In the Expo area, visitors have direct access to extensive product overviews from exhibitors. Best-case applications, video tutorials, live streams, and video chats enable them not only to learn about specific solutions for optimizing their processes but also to enter into a direct exchange with exhibiting companies.

The virtual conference starts on 27 September and highlights the key topics of LIGNA such as using digitalization and connectivity to transform woodworking, prefabrication processes in timber construction, or the new theme “Process Technologies of the Bioeconomy”. The Networking function enables all participants in the LIGNA.Innovation Network to directly contact exhibitors, speakers, and visitors. A personalized entry page supports this with a corresponding dashboard that displays the companies, speakers, and participants relevant to the respective visitor. From there, the visitor can initiate a direct contact request and then connect via chat or video call.

For more information or inquiries, send an email to Jillian Sitchon at jillian.sitchon@eccp.com

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