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Micromobility Expo Invites to Digital Conference in August

Many places around the globe depend on decarbonisation, alternative drives and an intelligent and efficient allocation of urban space. On August 27 and 28, more than 40 global specialists will reveal insight into all encompassing ways to deal with arrangements on needed traffic turnaround in urban areas.

For the first day of the digital event, there will be various programs and panels on topics such as mobility of the future, micro-mobility and climate protection, commuter traffic, and opportunities and challenges for an urban Europe.

On the second day, speakers will summarize the topics discussed on the first day with the focal point being the mobility of the future. Other panelists will also discuss opportunities and challenges in the fields of urban-rural, green logistics and robotics, developments in mobility planning & transport infrastructure and urban mobility concepts & neighbourhood development, as well as traffic and driving safety and insurance.

The online discussion offers specialists and interested individual the chance to get answers concerning advancements, new mobility ideas and potential arrangements in spite of the pandemic. You can sign in site page or through the website or the application on your cell phone and simply join the live conversations with no payments.

More Info

To know more, visit www.micromobilityexpo.de or contact Ms. Jillian Sitchon of ECCP at jillian.sitchon@eccp.com.