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Orientation guide for media representatives attending IDS 2021

The following list provides an initial cross section of the many areas of application and product innovations that will be exhibited at IDS 2021. The list serves as an introductory orientation and does not claim to be exhaustive. The topics and products presented here are merely examples of selected developments and applications. Comparable products are offered by other exhibitors, too. The list is not a substitute for editorial research, for example, using the electronic list of new products showcased at IDS or by obtaining information from the exhibiting companies. The individual companies alone are responsible for the content and descriptions of the products and procedures.

Curaprox “Perio plus” Regenerate mouthwash can reduce the risk of infection with SARS-CoV-2
A study by researchers from Claude Bernhard Lyon 1 University demonstrated that “Perio plus” Regenerate mouthwash from Curaprox is able to lower the risk of transmission of COVID-19. The mouthwash reduces the number of viruses in the mouth by 71% after just one rinse and helps the immune system fight off infection. Come and discover this medicinal mouthwash for yourself.
Curaden Germany GmbH, Stutensee, Germany; Hall 11.1, stand A010–B019; press contact: Frank Popp

VisCalor – the first thermoviscous filling material now also for all cavity classes
With VisCalor, the globally unique thermoviscous bulk-fill composite VisCalor bulk is complemented by a universal variant for all cavity classes. A special feature of the material is that it is only flowable after heating and can then be sculpted straight away. While the bulk-fill variant, VisCalor bulk, is designed for quick and simple restoration work on posterior teeth, VisCalor can also be used for very aesthetically pleasing anterior restorations thanks to the wide range of VITA shades.
VOCO GmbH, Cuxhaven, Germany; Hall 10.2, stand N-10/0–19 & stand N-20/0–21; press contact: Kerstin Hastedt

Dr Arnaud Deudon’s Flap-Holding Forceps
This instrument is designed to hold the flap during a bone augmentation procedure. It can be used to keep the entire surface of the gum flap in place. A retractor is commonly used to hold the flap back. Then, after inserting the bone material, the flap is repositioned with the help of forceps. By using the new Flap-Holding Forceps, it is possible to carry out the whole procedure using just one instrument.
Kohdent Roland Kohler Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Stockach, Germany; Hall 10.2, stand L029; press contact: Manuela Kohler

Greater CAD/CAM efficiency for dental practices with hyperDENT Connect
With the release of v9.3, the new hyperDENT Connect function for exoCAD Chairside CAD offers dentists design and production in one integrated solution. This has tangible benefits in that, thanks to new, automated process flows, production efficiency for all indications and materials is increased. In particular, a great deal more can be achieved with respect to glass ceramics and preforms.
FOLLOW-ME! Technology GmbH, Munich, Germany; Hall 3.1, stand L18/M19; press contact: Benjamin Hesse

Complete digital prosthetics: preconditioned aesthetics ready for immediate use
Printed or milled teeth lack a certain aesthetic appeal. On the other hand, anatomically layered prefabricated teeth have to go through a time-consuming process of cleaning and conditioning as well as basal adaptation to digitally designed denture bases, which counteracts any digital efficiency gains. The VITA VIONIC VIGO prefabricated tooth is optimised for open-system digital total prosthetics. Preconditioned aesthetics ready for use straight away: simply take it out of the packet, glue it in, finished!
VITA Zahnfabrik, Bad Säckingen, Germany; Hall 10.1, stand C10/D19; press contact: Rebecca Linge

Simply intelligent and doubly efficient!
Dürr Dental now presents VistaScan Ultra View, the world’s first two-slot scanner with RFID technology. Not only does the system give you the option to digitise two image plates simultaneously but, thanks to the easy-feed concept, plates can also be inserted quickly one after the other. Used in combination with VistaScan IQ image plates and VistaSoft imaging software, VistaScan Ultra View also offers helpful, AI-supported additional functions. One AI feature, for example, checks the orientation of intraoral X-ray images based on the anatomy displayed and corrects the orientation where required.
Dürr Dental SE, Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany; Hall 10.1, stand E030/F031; press contact: Stefan Müller-Recktenwald

Green X digital volume tomography system: ultra-high resolution for endodontics
Thanks to extremely short cycle times, this groundbreaking DVT product line reduces the radiation dose while also preventing motion artefacts. A special Endo Mode enables a particularly detailed visualisation of root canal morphology (FOV 4×4 cm, resolution 49 µm). Pan Mode produces images with 41 layers. Restricting this multilayer operating mode to the clinically relevant region minimises the radiation dose and makes it possible to take multilayer dental film and multilayer bitewing images for the first time.
orangedental GmbH & Co KG, Biberach, Germany; Hall 11.2, stand M020/N021; press contact: Kristin Schneider

SHOFU Disk ZR Lucent Supra – the multilayer zirconium oxide for every indication
SHOFU Disk ZR Lucent Supra combines three high-strength zirconium oxide variants in an extremely strong multilayer material. Its translucency, which increases towards the enamel, and its excellent flexural strength make it a multi-power premium solution – monolithic, partially veneered or fully veneered. The 98.5 mm discs are suitable for all indications up to 14-unit bridges with two pontics in the anterior or posterior region. The higher degree of light reflection in the neck area gives a lifelike appearance, especially in the case of implants.
SHOFU DENTAL GmbH, Ratingen, Germany; Hall 11.1, stand B010/C019; press contact: Marie Gaspar

Tizian 1.5 Pro – the ideal milling system with a small footprint
A unique balance between size and functionality: more power, flexibility and an expanded range of possible applications without taking up too much space in surgeries and laboratories. The high-performance high-frequency spindle delivers an exceptional combination of power, speed and precision. With the rapid clamping system, the holder systems can be changed quickly while maintaining the same degree of precision. Thanks to its machining angle, the system handles even the most demanding tasks comfortably.
Schütz Dental GmbH, 61191 Rosbach, Germany, Hall 10.1, stand F010/G011; press contact: Janine Wolf

Automated aligner production system for laboratories and milling centres
Automated aligner manufacture is now a reality with a new type of production system based on the internationally established CORiTEC 350i CAD/CAM machine (capacity: up to 1,000 units per day). While tracking in the production process usually has to be carried out via a model that must always be specifically assigned, for example, with a printed code, the key advantage of the CORiTEC 350i is that a laser within the machine system itself is used to clearly and permanently mark the aligner before it is automatically cut out. This way, the aligner can still be clearly assigned to the dentist/patient even once it has been separated from the model, such as during finishing or at a later stage. For high production quantities, a robotic system can even be used to independently feed in and remove the prepared aligner sheets.
imes-icore GmbH, Eiterfeld, Germany; Hall 10.2, stand R-028; press contact: Christoph Stark

aer x – aerosol suction system
Aerosols are produced when using dental scaling tools, air abrasion tools, drills with contra-angle handpieces and dental turbines. Aerosols, in combination with saliva or blood, can carry diseases, as is currently the case with COVID-19. There is a simple and straightforward solution for extracting these dangerous aerosol mists and protecting practice staff. Thanks to noise-cancelling headphones with special suction cannulas attached, the aerosol cloud is sucked away at the corner of the patient’s mouth. As a result, aerosol formation in the treatment room is reduced by up to 99.9%.
SycoTec GmbH & Co KG, Leutkirch im Allgäu, Germany; Hall 10.2, aisle O, stand 051; press contact: Martin Ruhdorf

Innovative dual aligner concept for orthodontics
A new splint concept using transparent aligners is now available for a wide range of malocclusions. Two sheet thicknesses are used per treatment step to ensure forces are optimally transferred to the teeth. Soft and hard aligners are changed weekly, helping to gently reposition the teeth. Following a pre-agreed digital treatment plan, the provider delivers both the aligners and all patient information to the practice as a complete package.
Dentaurum GmbH & Co. KG, Ispringen, Germany; Hall 10.1, stand D-12/E-011; press contact: Hans-Ulrich Winter; hans-ulrich.winter@dentaurum.de

Transforming ZrO2 into LiSi2 surfaces – easily bonded, lifetime guarantee
With the application of a thin film of a fine lithium disilicate (LiSi2) conditioner, the inner surfaces of zirconium oxide (ZrO2) restorations become as easy to bond as glass ceramic. And the outer surfaces can be made to look like glass ceramic using a variant of the LiSi2 material – with no chipping problems and saving several hours compared to veneered work. As a result, ZrO2 is suitable for all indications, and Schwerin-based Elaboro gives a lifetime guarantee on restoration work carried out in the company’s own research laboratory.
Elaboro GmbH, Schwerin, Germany; Hall 3.1, stand (e.g. M40) (co-exhibitor with Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems, IKTS); press contact: Michael Schmidt

Plasma activation for improved osseointegration
Regenerative plasma activation (Bio-RAP) can be used to remove hydrocarbons from implant surfaces. This increases both the surface area available for bone-to-implant contact (BIC) and the hydrophilicity of the surface. To do this in practice settings, a new device (ACTILINK) is used to generate a high-energy plasma on the implant surface while under vacuum. The process takes one minute and results in improved osseointegration.
Plasmapp Co., Ltd., Daejeon (Republic of Korea), Hall 11.1, stand D-061; press contact: Darius Adyani-Fard

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