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What is JFEX?

JFEX 2021: November 17 (Wednesday) to November 19 (Friday), 2021 at INTEX Osaka

JFEX is an International business negotiation exhibition that aims to efficiently sell products to professional buyers through holding specialized exhibitions

“Processed Food EXPO” is where frozen foods, retort foods, agricultural and marine products are exhibited. “Wine / Sake EXPO” is where wine, whiskey, beer, sake, etc. are exhibited in one place. Meanwhile, livestock , processed livestock, and dairy products are exhibited in “Meat and Dairy Products EXPO”.

More accurate business negotiations are possible because specialized buyers of each product come to the exhibition for purchasing.

Features of JFEX

  • Have highly accurate business negotiations with professional buyers.

By holding product exhibitions, you can efficiently negotiate with professional buyers. Having booths where you can negotiate with buyers with the intent to buy will yield positive results.

  • Attract influential buyers from the abundant data of RX Japan, the largest exhibition organizer in Japan.

We will engross leading food buyers such as retailers, restaurants, hotels, restaurants, and wholesalers by making full use of the RX Japan’s abundant data that other companies do not have. RX Japan, the largest exhibition organizer in Japan holds 84 trade fairs in 34 fields.

Simultaneous exhibition

It is a large-scale exhibition specializing in “export business negotiations”, where leading overseas import trading companies, major retailers, restaurants, ready-to-eat meals, food manufacturers, and the likes come to visit. Different varieties of Japanese products will be exhibited in one place, from agricultural and livestock products, and marine products to processed foods, and saké.

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